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  1. What's the deal with the compact fluoros that have 20w bulbs that are supposed to be "the equivilent of 75w"? Is this possible and how? Are they any good to use?
  2. yes... they are true... the CF only uses 20watts of energy.. but are equal to a regular 75 watt light bulbs... the reason they use less energy ... is that they creat less heat.. making them more effective...
  3. Are they any good to use? The one I saw doesn't say cool white or anything. How do I know the spectrum of the light ie: blue/red
    So if you had two of these 20w lights you would actually have 150w not 40w?
  4. buddaone:

    When using compact florecent bulbs you should consider at least 3 of them if you are going to run with them.

    They are only 20 watts not 75

    Here is the deal with them. the 75 watts they are rated at are compared to an incondecent lamp. You couldn't grow a single plant under 150 watts of incondecent light. its just a manufacturer trick to sell light bulbs. with that said those could work great. if you have seen peoples grows on here they are awesome and they are cheaper then HPS.

    if you have the space the cheapest thing you could get is 4 foot shop lights (about 10 dollars for the fixture) and a pack of cool white lights about 2.50 and you get 80 watts of florecent per fixture. So if you have 25 dollars to spare you could have 160 watts of florecent compared to 40 watts of compact flor. for the same 25 dollars or so.

    If you have real limited space though compact flor. works

    The key to a successful grow is light so remember the more light the better.
  5. Do you have the spec's or the model number of this unit so I can review it.

    I wanted to check things like lumens and spectrum.

    Thank you
  6. ok, this is the info on package

    replacement bulb 24" T10 20w lamp Model#RB20T10

    Model 7020 24" fluorescent portable light
    118V, 60Hz, 0.34A

    Are these lights good for seedlings? How far into veg stage could they be used? How many would be needed per plant/

    I have a 400w MH/Hps. I want to conserve energy during the early stages of growth. My space is limited so I have a smaller area that could be used for seedlings and maybe clones.
  7. I picked up a couple of flor toys yesterday.
    The screwin type and a circleline 16" that also screws in.
    I'm gonna take the circle one and put it around a baby and see how it does.
    It pulls 30 watts and 1850 lum.

    The CRI is an issue but not to far from the grow type.
    Grow type 89
    Circle 82

    But it does give off a high consentration of light.

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