compact flourescents

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dazed&confused, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Has anyone tried using compact flouros? I was thinking of trying them just to start the veg process.
  2. I have been using them on my new plant and they work great. I got the full spectrum ones and it is much easier than the long tubes because you can just put the bulb in a lamp. :)
  3. That is what I was thinking too.
    Thanks alot.
  4. compact flouros are great, for clones but they will not support a plant in flower.
  5. yea they are perfect for cloning great for veging and you can bud under them but not as good as hps.i've seen some mad pics under 13 4 ft fluros big healthy 5 ft using a 4ft to clone now myself.smokealot.
  6. The name says it all, they have the same uses as flouros but are smaller,
    A lot more of em could be crammed into a smaller space, if space is an issue,and are very cheap.
    They will never match hps, but neither will normal flouros.
  7. Thanks for everybodies help. I was gong to use them to start the veg stage. I plan on getting a 400 watt HPS just have to wait alittle bit. Thanks again to everybody.
  8. when you buy your light think about a 1000 watter. if your serious about growing youll be happy you did. if money is still a prob get a switchable ballast, there a bout thirty dollars extra. the good thing about these is you can buy the bulbs at home depot, conversion bulbs are high dollar. to do it right metal halide for vegging, hps for flowering. good luck, always remember no matter how proud you are of your setup for god sake dont fucking tell anyone!!!!!!!

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