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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Slambo, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Does anybody know the light spectrum of the compact twistie flouros? I grew my first plants last year with reg 4ft flouros and got a desent yield but wispy buds. YES i know that an HPS would b better but for money and security reasons I am not using those right now. I know that cool blue is better for veg and warm reds are better for flowering. I did add the compacts for the flowering stage last year and they definately helped. So tell me what kind of spectrum am i getting with the compact flouros. Are they also good for the veg stage as well? I have a 2 x 4 grow space so i am limited on width. What combination of lights would u suggest for veg and what combo would u suggest for flowering?
  2. daylight/cool for veg with 2 warms in there for some of the red spectrum that it nneds to grow, the blue just keeps them short. warm with two daylights to keep the buds a bit tighter adn keep stretching down.

    I would just buy 4' tubes and shoplight fixtures they come in all the spectrums CFLs come in and then some. Also with tubes you can get your plants right up ino the bulbs and as long as you have good circulation and ventilation they wont get burnt at all.

    I dont see whay your against hps though they are much more effecient then floros. Whats the saftey issue? monewy shouldnt be an issue if your money wise with your buds adn sell a bit. 2-3 150w hps or a single 400W would do perfect in there and cost less then floro.
  3. LOL ok i am going to bust out a secret i have not seen in this forum yet..... Anyone in here know of a company called lights of america??? Slambo you are an excellent candidate for these lights. A 65 watt use of energy puts off 500 watts of light and they will go from seed to bud with prett ok results, not a MH or HPS but pretty damn impressive for Floros. I have unleashed my first secret, many more to come!!!!!

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