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  1. So I had to take in my laptop multiple times to geeksquad for repairs and now they're just going to exchange it for an equivalent comp. Only problem is that none of the laptops available can really run graphics like mine could and 50% of my comps use is for games. I'm going back tomorrow to choose one.
    Does anyone know if they would let me choose a desktop instead or do you have any ideas on what I could say to get a good gaming comp? All the laptops there have better processors than mine did but worse or no graphics card.
  2. The best buy near you must suck dick if you can't find a decent laptop for gaming.

    What kind of graphics card did your other one have?
  3. Best buy employees are retarded in every experience I've ever had with them, especially the computer/laptop sales team. Half of them don't even know the difference between integrated graphics and dedicated graphics. They piss me the fuck off...

    What was the make/model of your old laptop? I'm sure there is an equivalent available...
  4. Hey. I work in geek squad and to answer your question - yes you can just request store credit. You could buy a TV if you wanted to.
  5. Best Buy can order computers. Look at the manufacturers they offer. Then go to the manufacturer website, figure out what specs you want, and Best Buy can order it for you.
  6. You can even build your own there pretty much. Just find one that can handle your shit and upgraded graphics. Get a card on the side, and problem solved.

    Only problem is if you want your warranty you'd have to have Gayk Squad put in, and they charge a ridiculous fee for a less than 10 minute job. Paid $50 for a 5 minute job myself.
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    No they can't. What they can do is go to the Best Buy website and see if that computer is in stock at another store and transfer it to theirs. But there is no process or ability to get just anything from the manufacture. Or as mentioned you can take the store credit.
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    Do the store credit and get the desktop or see if they can transfer one of the gaming Asus ones to that store.
  9. Ouch! lame, no wonder I never buy computers from Best Buy :D
  10. Best buy is awful, and their tech support is A LOT worse. They will fuck you over in every way you can imagine, because you're an idiot consumer who walked into a big box store and you deserve it. At least according to their corporate philosophy.

    I would get the store credit and do a little research this time, then buy a laptop that is well-rated on the internet.
  11. I usually only see Asus' at best buy that offer a good processor and video card, in a laptop. But those still run more than most of the computers there.

    Honestly, cut your lifetime losses to a minimum and stop buying shit from best buy.
  12. Yeah man they should be able too, its still your money you can spend it how you like.

    Oh and that reminded me of Geeksquad, a few years ago i took out insurance to protect my phone from them, never once paid for the insurance and have had 0 contact from them since,

    one day i swear i will get a letter saying you owe us £10000000 and i will poop my pants and run.
  13. What kind of repairs? Never get repairs from a shop dude. Learn how to format the hard drive yourself, transfer any data you wanna save to a flash drive or even another partition and you're sorted. Most of the time that's all the shop does anyway. Pisses me off.:smoke:
  14. All the repairs were hardware things I couldnt handle and it was under warranty so It didnt cost me anything.

    And I ended up choosing the one Asus there that seemed to have good specs, was the best laptop there basically.
    And geeksquad/best buy might be crap, but I had my old laptop which I was happy with for the most part for 2.5 years and just got a new 1300$ laptop for free(not counting the warranty price).
    IMO i screwed best buy over in this situation. Especially considering the last 2 times I got my old laptop fixed they replaced like 3 really expensive parts at no cost to me.

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