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  1. Got an Asus laptop around Feb of last year. This is the second time I've had this problem..

    My computer died, and now the monitor just doesn't work anymore. I can start it up and hear it running, keyboard lights up like usual, but the monitor is just black like it's still off. I've tried resetting it, taking the battery out, just about everything... Anyone have a clue on what the fuck is doing this?
  2. plug it into a regular pc monitor then see if it works
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    Good test with the external monitor. Usually that will work, of course not always.

    It sounds like you never see anything on the screen at all (no BIOS or boot screens of any kind are displayed). Is that right? If so, search for your exact model of Asus laptop and locate the service manual.

    Look up how to replace the screen. It will be a pain in the ass but you can remove some screws and snap open some plastic shit and eventually you will find a ribbon cable that goes from the display to the motherboard. Hopefully it looks loose (if the problem happened before and went away, this could be the case!). But even if it doesn't, open the latch gently pull the cable out, re-seat it, and latch it back into place. Put the thing back together and fire it up.

    If that doesn't work then your display inverter is fried and you're basically looking at purchasing a new screen and following the rest of those installation steps from the service manual. Or replacing the laptop.
  4. If you got it around February of last year, you should still be under warranty, no? :confused:
  5. Yeah but it's bullshit that I have to send it in for the third time!!! I didnt have my laptop from june-september this year because their support is awful... Not looking foward to that BS again you know?

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