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    Hello and welcome to a project I have labeled a "community thread." This basically means it's a call to all helpful people to chip in their 2¢ worth; a place to collect as much info on a topic for people to find in one place.
    The topic of this community thread will be experiences and habits you have picked up from long-term growing! Share your experiences and any growing-related habits you have picked up from years and years of growing. Heck I would want to hear about what you've picked up even if you just finished your first grow.
    Found a good thread that helped you? Share it here. Let people know if you found something that works for you. It will hopefully help others. Every little bit helps.
    I will go first.
    I've been growing for roughly almost 2 1/2 years now and one thing I have learned is that the more attention you put into your plants the better your results. I'm not saying you have to sit there with them 24/7 but things like PH balance, nutrient balance, checking your trichomes with a jewelers loop, etc... these things do have an impact on your finished product.
    One thing that really helped improve my grow was when I switched to hydroponics. It was a lot easier than I thought and I had a buddy that was very handy with tools so I got some assistance with the build. This is the do-it-yourself guide we followed to make a hydroponics bucked . I still use soil but I keep my bucket working as well. There is something hypnotizing about the roots when you pull them up from the water.... must... resist... urge... It's actually not good for the roots if you keep messing with them and exposing them to light. Your plant is only as healthy as the roots.
    I did NONE of the things I mentioned on my first grow and I do a lot of them now. Let me just tell you that the difference between my first grow and what I grow now is night and day. I still have A LOT to learn. Maybe with some kind growers with some extra time on their hands a lot of people can improve their next grows dramatically, me being one of them.
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  2. I'm fairly new to growing, but i did learn one thing with my first grow outdoor grow last year. Deer apparently like weed just as much as me. This problem can be solved by stringing kite string around your plants at about waist level. For some reason they won't cross it. Just make sure to have an adequate buffer of a few feet.
  3. Good to know. I would have lost a few plants to deer before I learned my lesson lol I'm primarily an indoor grower but I want to try all kinds of grow methods. Thanks for sharing bud
  4. No problem bud!

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