Community Sleep Deprivation Challenge/Logs.

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  1. I'm making this thread due to a distinct lack of threads that actually deal with sleep deprivation or a place for the community to leave there experiences with it. Basically it's a challenge for community members to stay up for 3-4+ days without ANY sleep and report there experience.

    Do not do it as a constant things without breaks in between. Sleep deprivation becomes bad for your health mainly if it is a part of your normal sleep habits and is very bad for you. I however, couldn't find any shred of research that indicates short term sleep deprivation when you generally have a healthy sleep pattern out of the blue that shows it as having any lasting effects after you goto sleep probably because no ones really interested in researching it currently very much since it is VERY hard to do.

    Clearly don't do it is you have ANY mental issues or are physically out of shape badly. I'm not sure to what extent it is taxing on the body although it doesn't appear to have any side effects other then short term mental ones that go away after you sleep. You can't actually die from sleep deprivation but after about eight days your immune system will weaken. Eventually you will microsleep(Randomly black out for 10 seconds-1 minute basically which ensures damage doesn't occur). I will probably update this with the full possible side effects of it.

    I've actually attempted this quite a few times but will only post my longest time awake and experience. Just a note this is EXTREMELY hard to do by yourself like I did. I have attempted it probably 6-7 times before this and didn't make it to day 3 once. It seems to get easyier though the more you do it.

    Day 1: Basically this is the easy part. Your first 24 hours. You will have absolutely no side effects other then feeling tired at most and the effects that come with being tired. It's after day 1 it goes completely downhill. When daylight starts setting in I don't feel tired anymore and feel perfectly fine. I seemed to get effects during night stronger then they disappear during the day.

    Start of Day 2: This is when I was still very consious but thinking starts to become slightly harder when thinking about complex things to do. Caffeine will have some effect until about mid way through day 2 then it seems to have 0 effect on me. During the day hours it's very easy to stay up. You should not be driving or anything at this points as your reaction times are dead and your just asking for an accident.

    Twords the end of Day 2: At this point I become extremely dellusional. It was extremely hard to keep eyes open. Also twords the very end of day two I noticed my eyes were half open and I was staring at my wall although I could have sworn I was playing video games on the computer for a very long time just to find out I wasn't even hallucinating and thinking I was playing games. I was basically unable to think at this point.

    Start of Day 3: At this point is when being dellusional went completely away when the sun rose. Aparently I went through cycles of effects where at night the effects were MUCH worse. During the daytime it wasn't as bad.

    Middle of Day 3: By this point I started having horrible after images. About an afterimage of things that wern't even brightly lit for about 2-5seconds(I.e when you look at a light and look away and still see it for a bit due to cones in eyes becoming overloaded except this was for basically everything).

    Night time setting in of Day 3 to end of day 3: By this point is when I would say hallucinations set in. I was still getting some afterimages but less of them. However, I had a blanket in a ball on my bed. I had no audio hallucinations but it looked like the blanket was performing a breathing motion and moving around slightly. The wierd thing was if you touched it, it had slight reflexes. There way absolutely no way to tell it was fake and didn't go back to normal if you touched it. Also at this point if you stared at anything it looked like it was shrinking but it would infinitily look like it was getting smaller but it wasn't actually getting to much smaller. You could put to object of the same size next to eachother and one would physically look like it's shrinking and was slightly smaller then the other. But it would keep looking like it was shrinking but wouldn't go past a certain point but still had this effect, it was very odd. It applied to ANYTHING (Reflections in mirror, wall, remote, t.v etc...).

    Sleep time: About 5 hours after Day 3 ended I fell asleep for about 20 hours. I didn't remember how I fell asleep but I remembered EVERYTHING else. This seems to be the normal for me even at day 2-2.5. When I woke up I had a minor headache and 0 side effects. Absolutely no downsides left over after sleeping. I make sure I take atleast 3-4 weeks break in between attempts. In the end I hope to get to about 5 days. Past 3-4 is supposedly when things that aren't there start appearing.

    Also by day 3 morning you start to get dark rings around eyes. Most peoples reports which I can't confirm as real or fake say they have trouble talking and basically no memory although I don't experience any of these effects but probably would a few more days in. Also another note, don't stack sleep deprivation with drugs as that can't turn out well in this case. You start hallucinating(Basic explination) is information transmitters in the brain start becoming less efficent to the point they don't give enough information to the brain for input and starts to try to interpret non existent data or just makes it's own. It would be considered a delirient hallucinations.

    Any questions just post. I check every bit.

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