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    Has anyone/anything ever told you,
    "If everyone around you upsets you, chances are its something with you that's the problem" ?

    There arent many people who directly effect my life, but these days it seems the majority of those people upset me.

    So, i think to myself, "Ok, so if everyone else is the problem, its gotta be me" but thats the thing, it isnt everyone, there are people in my life who dont do me wrong, and who matter to me, yet there are others who truly matter to me, I feel have done me wrong.
    Its so upsetting.

    Why is communication so frustrating?
    Have you ever had friends who you assume are on the no speak policy who violate this?
    I feel as though its either I continue the relationship falsley, and dont tell them anything or I cut ties all together, both are no good ya know?
  2. Hmm. Could you explain a little more? Violate what exactly? :poke:
  3. Try to describe anything verbally with words, to a person who can't hear, and your words are worthless, unless you first teach them to read, and then write down what you are trying to say.

    Takes a lot of steps to get someone to pass the salt, sometimes. Keep trying!

    Lying, of course, is the death of communication, and the beginning of theater. If your dealing with a lot of liars, just remember the value of good acting.:D
  4. Communication requires specificity. To communicate with language, one much have all the proper, specific words with which to communicate what one is trying to say.

    A healthy vocabulary can go a long way.
    I find most Americans are deficient in their own language, and thus confuse each other regularly, due to lack of specific words, grammar, etc.

    Ask yourself, "What am I trying to convey, say?" Then think, think of the proper words to use, and use them.
    Words are very useful tools in communicating complexity of ideas and feelings, don't fear them.
  5. I guess the first step would be to communicate your feelings to them rather than us. A lot of times people may not realize there is something wrong or that they are doing something wrong until somebody tells them. Ignorance is bliss...but knowledge leads to greater things. ;)
  6. +1

    being bound to specifications makes it hard to propose unity in common thought/speech. I find it funny
  7. People do, certainly, at times, hate in others what they hate in themselves. It of course involves more than that... Suffice it to say, however, that hatred is simply a dislike of what you find in yourself, yet, you apply it to others. The only power anyone has over you is the power you give to them, no one can effect your state of mind but you, no matter what the other person does, no matter their offense, their hate, love, or any other emotion, your reaction is your choice.

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