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Common Smoking Methods and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by DarkLeo, May 16, 2010.

  1. lmao the gas mask thing. if your already a crazy man, this will add to your crazy ness. lmfao!! this may be the single most funiest thing ive seen while high.
  2. really cool guide im gunna bookmark it when i have a bunch of options i can chose form
  3. In defence of wood pipes.... Gandalf. need i say more?



    - Wood pipes are slightly porus (spelling?) meaning some of the steam in the smoke (there is a fair amount) is absorbed into the wood. The steam can be one of the hottest elements of the smoke and so does go a small way to making the hit less harsh.
    - How many people do you know that JUST smoke tobacco out of a metal/glass pipe... and how many do you know that use a wood pipe..? see.... i know many that use a wooden pipe for just tobacco, meaning its a lot easier to use one in public with weed than a glass one.
    - To get rid of the ash problem i put a screen at the far end near the bowl, but because wooden bowls are generally dug deep, it doesn't heat up so you don't get the metallic taste ruining the smoke.
    - If your smoking the high-grade then obviously you want the purest smoke taste. But if like me, you just have some average shit, the taste of the wood does a great job at improving the overall flavor. That said, it really depends on what kind of wood etc.
    - If like me, you have been using the same pipe and weed for a while, you can actually vaporise the weed in the pipe. By holding the lighter X far away and sucking in, it can heat it just to the right temp. You get a hit but the weed remains unburnt. With glass pipe it gets far too hot too quickly.

    I could go on but you get the idea..

  4. great job dude + rep.
  5. Sweet guide, also love the "Can cause global warming" :p

    and how about adding the Incredibowl? (waits to get flamed...)
  6. Fantastic job on the guide!
  7. Knife hits - "You are smoking everything in the weed, not just the THC"

    isn't that the case in every single other case of combustion? vaporizing is the only device where that isn't the case
  8. yea, I totally agree. Wood pipes are nice. I firmly believe it's important to add some variety to smoking methods every now and again, just for the fun of it. They're a lot of fun in a group/classy party setting Plus I think wood pipes are a great way to smoke mersh, as the wood flavor is a great addition to mediocre taste.

    Otherwise I typically use a one-hitter for economy. Two or three one-hitters will get my just as blazed as a medium sized bowl will, for a third of the weed. Sure, flavor is lost, but I think it's the best way to smoke on a budget, and it's super easy to chill with a group of cigarette smokers in public.
  9. This is just plain awesome, thanks man this was a fun read
  10. I think the wood pipe adds a nice aftertaste my fav pipe is my lil wooden pipe :D
  11. This guide this awesome, good read dude.
  12. I busted out laughing at the disadvantage that said "can cause global warming" lol
  13. +rep, great post, hope it gets stickied
  14. Thanks everyone! I need to do an update soon... :bongin:
  15. Blunt wraps? Like the ones u buy at the smoke shop.. I didn't see anything on them but I think it would fit pretty good, otherwise very very good.

    Does anyone know if blunts wraps can cause cancer?

  16. Yeah man, they're made from like, processed tobacco leaves. I would advice saving blunts for special occasions or just weekends.. Nasty stuff tobacco.

  17. Blunts, cigars AND blunt wraps are all MADE FROM TOBACCO.
    Check out where tobacco is on this list and where weed is Annual Causes of Death in the United States | Drug War Facts
    Tobacco is the #1 killer in the US.

    If your concerned about your health at all, you would stay away from that nasty brown shit.

  18. woah woah chill out man, it was just a simple question. dont get ur panties up in a bunch. i was just asking if there was a big difference. CTFO

  19. Yeah i think that'd be wise... save the blunts for special occasions lol

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