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Common Smoking Methods and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by DarkLeo, May 16, 2010.

  1. I would edit the part about the possibility of filtering thc. It is a scientifically demonstrated fact the water pipes remove thc from the smoke every single time they're used. Same with all forms of glass... or anything that is not burned up with the weed you're smoking. You always leave some behind.

    But... I would certainly like to see a bong that didn't ever get that glistening gold resin stuck to it. Without that ash and other particles wouldn't stick as well either. Would be a much cleaner bong over time.
  2. I personally don't think that this is an issue in the article, but thank you for your opinion.

    Thanks :)

    Thank you!

    If you could point me to an article, or something that proves that it is in fact a fact, I will gladly change it!

    A bong that didn't collect resin... that would make millions! It would need a screen or something though, cause I know after smoking I've found chunks in the water and up the tube, and I would rather not have those go in my mouth, lol.
  3. This is a really useful guide for beginners to find out about a lot of these methods.
  4. Really Nice guide man! Sooo much info :) Great!!!
  5. amazing guide. i think you should add shotguns though
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    "Disappointingly, waterpipes performed uniformly worse than the unfiltered joint. The least bad waterpipe, the bong, produced 30% more tar per cannabinoids than the unfiltered joint. Ironically, the pipe with the electric mixer scored by far the worst of any device. This suggests that water filtration is actually counterproductive, apparently because water tends to absorb THC more readily than noxious tars. Like the waterpipes, the cigarette filter also performed worse than the unfiltered joint, by about 30%. Researchers speculate this is because cannabinoids are exceptionally sticky and adhere to other solids. Hence, any filtration system that picks up particulates is likely also to screen out cannabinoids.

    "The percentage of total THC delivered to the user is called the THC transfer rate. The unfiltered joint scored surprisingly well in smoking efficiency, coming in second place with a transfer rate close to 20%. The portable waterpipe did slightly better, and the bong slightly worse. The other devices did notably worse. The vaporizers and electric waterpipe did especially poorly, with transfer rates less than one-third that of the top three devices. Thus, heavy smokers could literally be blowing most of their stash away with bad pipes."

    Marijuana Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study
    Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.

    Keep in mind that the vaporizers used were older and are now obsolete. That data is probably not applicable to all vaporizers currently on the market. They're trying to get research done with the Volcano to support vaporized cannabis as a medicine to push the issue of rescheduling marijuana but of course the DEA is dragging their feet.

    But.. even in current research (2004) the joint is still tied for first in thc transfer rate despite what common thought would lead you to believe.

    "The HPLC analysis of the vapor found that the Volcano delivered
    36%-61% of the THC in the sample, a delivery efficiency that compares
    favorably to that of marijuana cigarettes."

    "(Volcano)On average, the recovered THC amounted
    to 1.95% of the original weight of the sample, or 47% of the original
    THC in the crude sample. There was a large variance in the percentage
    of THC recovered in the three different vaporizer test runs, ranging
    from 36% to 61%."

    "These results compare favorably to the delivery efficiencies of marijuana
    cigarettes as measured in other studies. THC efficiencies of 34%
    to 61% were reported in studies of marijuana cigarettes smoked via a
    smoking machine under varying conditions of puff duration and air
    speed (Fehr and Kalant 1971). Efficiencies of 50% were obtained using
    a machine designed to mimic human marijuana cigarette smoking
    (Manno 1970) and in an unpublished study at Battelle by Foltz et al.
    (cited in Truitt 1971)."

    Cannabis Vaporizer Combines
    Efficient Delivery of THC
    with Effective Suppression
    of Pyrolytic Compounds
    Dale Gieringer
    Joseph St. Laurent
    Scott Goodrich

  7. Very awesome man, I think you should mention for blunts and joints they keep burning so you waste a little bit of weed
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    This has been studied scientifically and all toking tools lose a similar amount of thc to slipstream smoke. That is to say there is no statistically significant differences between the unfiltered joint, the glass pipe and the water pipe in the amount of thc they lose to slipstream on average. Slipstreaming is user-controllable anyway.. its not bound by the type of toking tool.

    Additionally, any tool that collects particulate matter collects thc.
  9. Well done, + rep
  10. About the bubblers, you should add double chambers. And in regards to what you said about hit size, I can get pretty massive hits from bubblers :p
  11. Massive is a relative term. Bubblers are small volume relative to full size tubes. Relative to a bong you do not get massive rips from your bubbler. Someone would say everything in this thread is capable of massive hits but then no comparisons could be made.
  12. Even like a 6" bong would have more room for the smoke to cool down then a tiny bubbler would in comparison. It's the shape as well as the volume IMO.
  13. Thank you, that is what I was going for.

    Thanks! =)

    Maybe when it's done :p

    Thank you! Edits made.

    Thank you for answering that. It was a much better response than what I would have provided.

    Thank you =)

    Thanks for answering this. You point out a very valid point as well.

    Thank you everyone for your input! I do appreciate it.
  14. nice thread man
  15. you guys are still using water?
  16. No one dislikes the taste of vaporized weed if they like the taste of weed. The taste of weed IS the taste of vaporized weed.
  17. Haha, thats exactly what i was thinking. Thats why i had to post something about how he originally said some people may not like the taste of a vaporizer.

    I have still yet to hit something that produces the same amazing taste/high a vaporizer producers. And personally i dont think i ever will ;)
  18. this should for sure be sticked
  19. great list

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