Common Smoking Methods and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

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    I only included ways that I personally know about. I would love to expand this article (plan on releasing a 2.0 soon), could you either post, or PM me some pros and cons and such?

    I think I need to add a "Tips" or "Misc" section, because I left some stuff out. Like snappers, and I could even go into detail on some of the glass on glass accessories.

    *facepalm* totally forgot that! As well as the hurricane pipe. They will be added in the update =)

    Thank you! I will :p

    There will be more added for sure! I just wanted to get this version out there. Thanks =)
  2. People..cut the kid some slack..the title of this thread is Common Smoking Methods and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each.

    not everyone has the funds for high quality glass contraptions..vaporizers and other equipment that gets you high.

    what he presented is more common as in you will see it more often.

    Darkleo took time to make a guide, least we can do is appreciate it.
  3. Thank you =)

    I'll be adding more to it as the thread grows. I would have been shocked if I didn't leave anything out, haha. Maybe one day I can change it to "Complete" or better, "Almost Complete" lol :p
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    You firgit a disadvantage to plastic: plastic can not be cleaned whatsoever, it can only be rinsed with water.
    And for joints, you can perform smoke tricks and they can be disposed of leaving you holding no paraphenalia.

    Blunt smoke(or any tobacco smoke) will stick to your hair, clothes, etc even more then a joint. And they cause more then cancer. Plus blunts are made from cigars and cigars are not meant to be inhaled.

    Nice guide though, I can tell you put a good amount of time into it.
  5. Thank you! I will be updating soon!
  6. Just released the newest version, added a couple of pieces, and made some edits.
  7. niceee, subscribed
  8. awesome guide man. maybe you could add on steamrollers? would be considered glass pipe though probably.
  9. Why did you say plastic bongs are "easy to clean"? They can't really be cleaned at all.

    Vapor IS NOT SMOKE. you don't smoke from a vaporizer because it produces no bad smoke or tar.
    Main advantages to vapes:
    MUCH more efficient then any form of smoking, no damage to body since there's no bad tar or smoke, and since there's nothing being burned, there is pretty much no smell.
    Never say anything like "yo I just smoked from my vape" because it's incorrect on every level and you will get flamed.
  10. Acrylic bong advantages needs to be edited. It says easy to clean, then under disadvantages it says that it can't be cleaned.
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    About the vaporizer part, i dont know what you mean by its not good to use hash or kief with them. Whenever i use either of those 2 in my SSV i get so freaking high its unbelievable Plus i can get 5-7 more hits just with a little piece of hash added to the whip. And who doesnt like the taste/smell of the vaporizer? IMO its the only way out there to get the full taste of your herb.

    Also, with a vaporizer, you save WAY more weed compared to say smoking a bong or blunts. I can make .3 last easily 10+ hits out of my SSV compared to 3 decent size hits out of my bongs. And on top of it, i get WAY higher with the 10+ vape.

    Besides that crazy good thread haha, i cant believe you wrote this much. Definitely a good common toking tools guide. ;),

  12. depending on how you do can fuck up the screen....or melt..or burn.
  13. Yea keif usually works well in a vape. Certain kinds of hash would be ok but it depends on the texture and other variables.
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    Steamrollers are unique in a way, but I think the pros/cons would be the same as glass pipes. This was just a guide on some of the more common ways of toking. Not every way. They might make the next update though :p

    First part, cause I'm a 1/4 tard. (fixed btw)
    Second part, I think those are already on the list, just worded a bit diffrent.

    Cause I'm a 1/4 tard. (fixed btw)

    *edit* - first response sucked.
    I changed the description a little.

    Weed can last a long time with a vape, edited.


    Thank you everyone for the suggestions, and kind comments =)
  15. On the Helix,

    With the normal pipe attachment, you can take monster hits and it is the smoothest that I've smoked out of. The attachment itself can be used as a solo piece in a pinch for something extra portable.

    With the bubbler, you have to pull harder to get it to start bubbling because of the "jets", which also dilute the smoke noticeably. The attachment itself can be used as a bong attachment if it has the correct size and comes out straight.

    The "cigarette" or one-hitter attachement is great for using by itself for finishing off a blunt. Just pop the blunt in there and kill the roach.

    It is very expensive, but I think it's worth it. Pain in the ass to clean.
  16. this should be sticky its a gread thread
  17. I will come out with an "Attachments" addition to this soon. Still in the works. Thanks for the info :p

    Thank you =) Maybe when it's even better it will be honored with a sticky, lol.
  18. For those who think coughing is for inexperienced smoker...youre wrong, at least if you think about it. Yes, when you smoke for the first few times the chance of coughing is high because youre putting smoke into your lungs. Any foreign substance will do that to your lungs..carbon monoxide. If you;ve been smoking for some time, and youre coughing..its because your lungs are not in good shape. sure many of you already thought this thru...but the OP kept talking about if you still cough...hahahha
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