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Common Police Scenario

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShinyTokin, May 14, 2010.

  1. What if you get stopped by an officer, and i think a lot of officers are savvy enough to recognize someones stoned, but what if you have nothing on you? Or maybe just a lighter. Is there a difference if youre just walking away, or driving?

    For instance, you smoke a blunt somewhere, and you start to walk back to wherever, but you get stopped because someone reported they saw people smoking pot. Now the blunt is gone, one of us prolly has a lighter on us, can we get charged with anything or even be brought 'down to the station' ?

    If we get in our cars to leave, and get stopped real quick and he sees my glossy red eyes behind my droopy eyelids, i cant imagine hed just let an intoxicated person drive away. Again, nothing on me though.

    If you have any actual legal reasoning that would be cool too.
  2. driving high is a OUI i believe, could be wrong. and i dont see how you could be charged with anything for having a lighter...
  3. If you have nothing on you they can't charge you. As far as I know, even driving you can't really be charged unless they have a way to prove you're high on the spot. Drug tests don't count because they just prove that you've been high sometime in the last while.
  4. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal virtually everywhere, and will almost always be noticed if you are stopped.

    The laws about being under the influence while not driving are different depending on the country you are in, and different states even have different laws on this in the United States. For example, being high is a disorderly person's offense in New Jersey, but carries no penalty in Nebraska. But as long as you're not causing a disturbance, most police officers won't even bother to deal with someone who's high unless they're driving, because it is somewhat difficult to prove somebody is high at that exact moment anyway. They often try to intimidate people into giving up their rights, however, and this is something you should make sure you know how to handle.
  5. The most they can do is "hold" you there until someone arrives, but thats only if you live in a state with super prick cops. You could be asked to empty your pockets, but the lighter doesn't prove anything. You could be a welder and use the lighter to light your torch - any bullshit excuse will get your ass safe, unless you just happen to have some on you...
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    If an illegal crime has been reported in an area, and you match a description given you can be stopped, questioned, and possibly detained until further interrogation. So as you said if someone was to call the police saying somebody has been smoking pot, and they stop you and your blazed, they are going to be highly suspicious, and could consider detaining you. Just stay alert at all times, don't take unneeded risks, and don't give the cops a reason to stop you.

    Sourcez: Currently enrolled in a law class

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