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  1. Are there any common batteries (i.e. energizer, or AA's, etc.) that work with the MFLB? Ive lost my batteries and need a quick fix of batteries that I can buy at the store
  2. Don't use no name sketchy batteries. Make sure you have Duracell or Energizer, or you could short out your MFLB.

    Tear off the label and youre good!
  3. Thanks for the quick response man! Definitely going to pick some of these up and give it a try
  4. Wow that's good to know

    So how is the mflb? Can you milk it nicely?
  5. The mflb is great does a much better job then I thought it would.
  6. [quote name='"CounterCultured"']The mflb is great does a much better job then I thought it would.[/quote]

    Sweet I'm excited to get one!
  7. I've been told to use powerex 2700's. They are cheaper then Duracell and shit i get them at batteries plus
  8. these are the best straight up hands down dog
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    even if it shorts out, isn't it still under warranty?
  10. the mflb works on the principle of shorting out, thats how it heats up the screen.

    not sure what you're asking :confused_2:

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