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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. Your parents found out your smoking weed and now your grounded!!!!!

    What a bunch of BS.

    That commercial needs to read like this!

    Your parents have caught you smoking weed now they tell you you can only do it in the privacy of their home!!

    Every one has their own opinion about where to do drugs.

    I say if ya got to do drugs, at least do them in the privacy of you own home so that other people are not endangered while enjoying the great Herb!
  2. Don't those commercials just about piss you off, or at least would if you weren't busy LAUGHING YOUR ASS OFF AT THEM?

    And, I agree, the best place to do your smoking is in the privacy of your own place. Although, driving is not as stressful when you have taken a hit or two.
    The city were I live is gridlock hell, and I found that if I hit the onney a couple of times, I don't get all tense and pissed off at every other car on the road. I sit back, breathe a sigh of relief that the work day is over, and make my way home.
    Next time you are in your car, try just relaxing and FLOWING with the traffic.......

    But, back to the commercials.....
    last I heard about those commercials was that they were actually causing an increase in experimental (sic) use. WAaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa! I think it is funny!

    Granted.... if my parents had EVER caught me, or I should say if my MOTHER had ever caught me smoking, she would have beat me within an inch of my life! Now that I am an adult, I don't have to worry about getting caught by my mom... just the fuzz! lol
  3. they should say, "your parents caught you smoking weed, and they took it away and flushed it" cuz thats what mine do every time. pisses me off, they dont yell at me or anything they just take my weed. thats worse than being grounded.
  4. How old are you Look?
  5. i think i know what mayor lala is talking about. something where they found out that the commercials dont keep kids from toking and some 13 year old girls admitted they went and smoked some weed cuz the commercial made them wanna do it. weird.
  6. that commercial is retarded but not as bad as those supporting terrorist ones
  7. lol, have any of you had ur kids catch you? what did u say or do when they did?
  8. lol woody!
  9. does anyone believe a word said in those commercials? i *really* hope that there's not some kid out there that's smoked once or twice and is now convinced that he's responsible for september eleventh.

    the commercials about smoking weed and getting caught always seem to come on when my mom walks into the room. she used to look at me and say something about it. i think she gave up when i'd look at the TV and start laughing. i think some organization needs to start airing commercials about the joys of tokin'...
  10. Fucking sucks that they're using my tax dollars to pay for that garbage
  11. my parents found out i smoke weed, now my dad smokes with me and my mom just kinda ignores it, but we still hide it from her. The government enjoys using are money on pointless things then rasing are taxes.
  12. Support your local government! Give up your freedom and rights and then send them all of your money!

    Or just send me your weed and money and you know it won't be abused!

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