commercials: providing a concise image of the American ideal

Discussion in 'General' started by phire420, May 12, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else had this same realization: the people in this country idealize efficiency, easy solutions, shortcuts and doing the least amount of work possible?

    Just watch a commercial break:

    "Online college! Get in and get out, no hassle! Get your degree today!"

    "Why make dinner, when you can order a sizzling Dominoes two topping medium for only $5.99, get it delivered to your door!"

    "Traffic ticket? No problem: ticketkicks lawyers will get you out of any ticket or your money back"

    The funny thing is: these things provide a false sense of efficiency, in reality, we are one of the most inefficient countries in the world. Our tax money pays for twice as many government jobs than that is required.

    These easy solutions give people satisfaction that they have accomplished something: no one is willing to work hard anymore.

    I think the real American dream, involves laying in your own excrement: never having to move a muscle to get anything done.

    Just some thoughts and opinions....I don't mean to be a downer: these things I bring up not simply to criticize my fellow citizens, but to push towards a change in thought.
  2. As my grandfather said, "The only thing to do faster than necessary is ass to mouth". He taught me that the hard way.
  3. whatever man, if i can achieve my goals an easier way, i'm down for that. i can understand the whole, 'if you don't work for it you'll never learn' type of mentality, but as a lazy fuck my mentality is more like 'might as well take the easy route and learn how to always find the easy route so you never have to work unnecessarily.'

    i don't think that came out right. whatever.
  4. I don't think the cause for concern is individuals always striving for the easy way, but the country collectively as a whole, idealizing this.

    Really: if there is a legitimate, easy way to accomplish something, I am all for it. My point is, the deception involved: Americans tricking themselves into thinking that the easy way is just as effective as the hard way, when really, they are wasting their money and their health.

    Another thing I had been meaning to touch on: the fear of accountability. No one wants to admit they messed up. People would rather pay good money, than to do so. It's not even so much as people not wanting to admit mistake, but people convincing themselves that no mistake was made in the first place.
  5. okay cool on the first part, that's pretty much my opinion as well. i just didn't really know how to say it.

    the second thing, oh man don't even get me started on that. it's pathetic. no where was this on display more than all the fallout after the BP oil rig explosion. what a circus..
  6. Unnecessary work is unnecessary.
    Why waste an hour doing something, when you can get the same thing done in under ten minutes?
  7. It's the American dream man...
  8. My criticism isn't directed to people taking advantage of legitimate's directed to deceiving "shortcuts" which really, only benefit the person who is offering said "shortcut".

    If you read my original post, I mention America is one of the most inefficient, developed nations around. China can get 3x as much done as we can, with leveled capital in almost any white-collar application (which reflects yet another shortcut taken to "create" jobs when really, said jobs are just busy work that could easily be fulfilled simultaneously by another position).
  9. Pretty much! Attain as much as possible for as little effort possible.
  10. Love it or leave it I say you rebels. The quicker i can get into my Ford pickup and be back home with a couple cases of Budweiser, the better.

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