Commercialized/Corporate Marijuana

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  1. Is there any company that has commercialized the sale of marijuana either in the US, or more likely overseas somewhere? Me and a friend were having discussion about how profitable it seems like it would be to start a company who grew marijuana with pharmaceutical precision (high potency, convenient forms, etc), and then sold it to countries in which marijuana was legal.

    I have never heard of such a company anywhere, even after some googling on the topic. Which leads me to believe that there are laws that prohibit this type of business from either growing or importing marijuana into nations where it is legal.

    So, is there a company that does this?

    If not, why doesn't someone do it?
  2. I don't think there is anywhere in the world with both Marijuana legal enough to sell in grocery stores, and a market who can afford to buy them.
  3. I preety sure there is a mmj company that is publicly traded on wall street, or nasdaq?
  4. ^ ya marijuana isn't legal anywhere
  5. Marlboro had a patent, so did pharmaceutical companies, the problem is you can't patent a natural growing substance forever. The patent will run out within 5 years and anyone will be able to grow as much of it as they want, even redistribute if they pay income tax. Even though that income tax only goes toward paying back our debt on borrowing money from the FED.

    Marijuana won't be legalized, once the government has the power to run healthcare and employee doctors, they aren't going to have spare time to run more tests which they already don't agree on. The government makes money in a lot of aspects from marijuana, to imprisonment, to taking people off welfare, to the stock market, to private jails, and state tax dollars.
  6. Yea there really is nowhere in the world that has legalized MJ to a point where companies could start up. For some reason I have always thought that MJ corps would be a product of the USA when/if we legalize it. There are some small businesses' is The Netherlands that probably make pretty good money off MJ, but it is illegal to advertise for MJ in that country which I think would cripple a larger corporation.

  7. There is, a buddy of mine has a few hundred shares, can't remember the name off the top of my head though. CCBI or something to that effect.

    Not sure which countries you're talking about where pot is legal - to my knowledge there isn't a single country in the world with cannabis legalized and not just decriminalized.
  8. I've got shares in CBIS and NKTR, both companies specializing in mmj pharmaceutical products

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