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  1. Hey Everyone! First post here so bare with me (Newbie over here).

    I've got a few questions on commercial growing:

    - How many plants does a large scale grow house operate with at one time vs. a brand new start up (average)?
    - What states allow for commercial growing?

    I've tried googling around trying to find some answers, but to my surprise, thats not as easy as it sounds lol

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  2. idk but interesting topic though. In my state it's still illegal.
  3. Same here (New Jersey), but it won't be long. I still have plenty of time to plan things out haha
  4. Yeah me too. I figure a year or 2 at most before Ky goes green.
    I'm research dispensaries now. 5 of us are going to invest a couple million on it, hopefully less.
    I'm gonna try to grow commercially for the store and we will be shipping in also from other states and growers I hope to keep up with the demand.
  5. What size facility are you thinking on starting up with on the grow side of things? I was thinking of starting on what I'd imagine is considerably small with around 6,000 square ft split between two buildings. But truthfully, i don't have a gage on where that would fall with others. Thoughts?
  6. You're going to have to go through a marathon in order to be eligible to grow on a commercial level. Hope you have very deep pockets.
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  7. I'll have the funding for this, and I plan to hire a consultant when I get the gears in motion to move forward. what has been your experience through the process?
  8. I am a relatively new commercial grower in Oklahoma. I started with an empty bar building on ten acres and about 10k sf under roof. My building was a night club so it has a/c installed and a lot of space to partition. I am now coming up on a very small first harvest, only 13 decent plants in full flower with 4 strains. The plants are very healthy and large if i do say so myself. I have a construction/bar business background so I am familiar with business practices and know how to build things commercially. Good luck with your effort.
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  9. Sad . Tyson still hasn’t found the exit door .
  10. How long have you been at it? Any thoughts / tips / experiences to pass on to a newcomer?

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  11. Love it out here ; ) if only it wasn’t so fucking hot lol
  12. I have been growing my first harvest ever for about 3.5 months, making lots of clones. Start with dirt and learn as much as you can.
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  13. I'd start as small as you can with an expansion plan and use cash from each harvest. Seen too many guys go too big, then get held up with permitting, and have a serious burn rate.
  14. Yea thats my concern. I'm trying to start on a commercial scale, but on the smallest end of that scale to start with with an expansion plan in mind. The biggest question I have at the moment is Square Footage / How big to start with.
  15. Depends on a lot of factors. Biggest concern is to always make sure you have somewhere to sell it. Then its a matter of making it. Worse thing you could do is make it and not move it. Don't know your permitting in whatever state your in. I did any analysis for someone in California once. 30 lights seemed like the minimum to make it worth it with overhead there.

  16. Thanks bud. I have now started a large coco grow. It's similar to dirt and hydro at the same time. I have around 300 in different stages, all from my homemade turbo cloning machine. Coming along well. Thanks to all who advised in the beginning.
  17. Unless you're rich it's not even worth entertaining the idea in NJ I'm sure

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