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Commercial brick weed from Africa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gaanja, May 4, 2016.

  1. I actually like it. You can smoke it pretty much anywhere because it doesn't smell skunky and it has a nice Sativa effect. An ounce of this stuff costs as much as a quarter of indoor weed and I actually travel an hour in a half just to get it because I can only get Kush or Haze in my town and it's just generic Kush and Haze, poorly grown and tastes like flush. I have to travel to get anything I like for example, Mango, White Widow, Purple, Thai, Afghani I need to travel at least half an hour to the main city to get proper grade. The colors and quality as well as effects and seed content is different every time I buy it. Some are green and some are brown. Most are in between and some have brown viable seeds, others only have the pale seeds. Some have a gold string inside but most don't. It burns really well. Sometimes I make hash from it. I don't know what this weed is called and the guy I get it from doesn't speak much English so he doesn't even know lol. Some of the pic show this weed next to some Haze.

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  2. More pics.

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  3. im dankrupt at the moment so i would smoke it or atleast make edibles or something
  4. Well if it gets you high, keep toking
  5. Sometimes I make tea using this weed. I literally just grind it and boil it in water and then add milk and honey and then boil it again. Has a really relaxing effect which is felt almost immediately. Never tried making solid food with it tho
  6. what is the legality of weed in africa? i met an african dude once in DC he bought a dime bag of some jamacians and was about to get murdered cause he thought they was rippin him off apperantly in africa yo get like 2 plastic shopping bags full for 10 bucks he said its not trimmed or anything but damn thats cheap.
  7. It actually does give me the type of high I prefer over certain indoor strains, especially good for day time use.
  8. he also said with a hundred bucks you could take all your friends out to the bar get several bottles a bunch of smoke and some stuff were not allowed to talk about a hooker and still have change left
  9. Yeah it is cheap as hell but I don't know about life in Africa as I've never been there. I'm in Europe at the moment
  10. Yeah it's that cheap in many third world countries, I just came back from India
  11. oh i wasnt aware that africa exported commercial weed to europe i assumed you was in africa lol
  12. It's very rare and it comes directly from West Africa, won't say which country.
  13. Lemme guess. Morocco?
  14. Nope. Begins with a G
  15. ghana?
    i had some black weed once it was supposed to be from africa no idea if it was true or not but it was def black
  16. That sounds racist, are there no white weeds in Africa?

  17. Nothing wrong with African sativas.
  18. These guys are idiots and have horrible seeds they sell. I would never buy from strain hunters. Also extremely over priced.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  19. Good for you. I dont buy seeds I have been making my own. I got seeds about your age.

    You need to grow up. Have you ever smoked a real sativa?

    Have a good night friend.
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