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  1. Ok this is my first indoor grow,all three of these plants were planted from shooted seeds three weeks ago,i felt i had to tip them early as my 400 hps seems very powerfull and that doesnt give me much growing height in my cupboard,i have about two feet inbetween the light and plants and a foot to spare when i move the lights you can see one is not even growing one is booming and one seems like it is going to turn inside out? any tips would be appreciated.thanks
    ps bag seed

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  2. You're not going to have enough room to finish them off. Expect at least 40 inches of growth on your plants, maybe more.

    the sprout is going to die. probably dampening off, fungus attack from being too wet around the stem.

    The others look OK, a little too early to top but if it works, wtf! Give them time to grow and stretch and they should do OK
  3. yeah ,ive been worrying about the watering, i am trying to water them as unoften as i can but the soil always seems to dry up quick,i have good drainage and dont see any roots at the bottom but the main stems seem to be pushing out to one side?my grow room peaks at 28 degrees and cools of to 20 overnight as the outside temp drops.
  4. I'm going to tell you this about overwatering. I had a plant one time in a pot about three times as big as yours and could go as long as ten days - two weeks between watering. These things need water but they are pretty damn tough.
  5. Looks Indica variety..and It may be a good idea to repot,,mellow out on any ferts for a bit,,,increase the humidity to help prevent drying out of the medium to rapidly..water less often or in less patient,,,,IMO,,,I'd get that seedling under a flouro for a bit..

  6. Thanks for your help everyone ,well the one on the left turned out to be male, the one on the right turned out to be female wich i repotted in to 10 then 30 litre pot and now there is about fifty buds coming out of the top, the little seedling i re potted after cutting the stem of and now it is a little female too just coming into bud on the left of the box.
    one question! the big plant does not produce resin,it kinda smells but very perfumy , i tried a bit and it was goood so i,m not complaining ,is no resin a sign of something bad,i have temp highs at 28 and lows at 20 overnight(plant time).

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  7. nifty little set up cone head!
  8. Give it time, love, and affection and she will return it tenfold!
  9. Don't worry about not seeing alot of resin glands yet,,,it appears to be starting the swell,and will probably bulk up and begin showing glands soon.....perfumy how?does it taste perfumy as well...this is good to know(may help ID strain).

    Like BPP said..keep giving her that loving care..

  10. It smells like fresh pine with a hint of lime over crushed ice(slightly sweetened).

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