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Comments Appreciated. Parent possibly know?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Piller, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. OFC I'm 18+ so heres what i need comments on...i did it once before but now i got sloppy and i think they might know.

    Okay so a week or so ago i bought my first onion, just reggies, and got many blunts. Anyways i grind up some of it to put into a blunt etc etc when a sneeze comes out of no where and i have no time to react and turn away and sneeze about 2-3 g's of ground weed all over my desk. I thought i cleaned up all of it, brushing it off desk onto a paper and then blowing all over to remove any smaller things, but apparently since theres so much stuffo n my desk some pretty big pieces got left behind. Anyways my parent decides to clean my desk and finds some weed, stems, and tobacco. They round up all they found and left it in a pile on my desk and they tell me they found some little sticks on my desk and didn't say anything else. Well that goes by and couple days later i go to my friends house and im joking about doing meth, crack, etc, and they just say i better not catch you doing any thing fucking like that, i can tolerate pot use but only if your actually doing it and i get outta car and leave. A day or so later i go again and on my way back she brought the dog and i was petting him and they ask if i have been smoking because my fingers smell like cigar/cigarrete smoke and they immediately ask what im smoking and i deny it and say everyones parents smoke it's because of that and then theres a akward pause and they say well so do yours. Whats going on here lol?
  2. They are probably suspicious- you don't mistake weed for "sticks". Just lay low for a while and you should be fine. If you do decide to do it, just use more caution then normal. Use cologne, body spray, febreeze, etc. to hide the smell. Wash your hands, brush your teeth. Do shit to earn their trust back up and all that yada yada.

    But why were your parents giving you a ride in the first place?
  3. Your situation is tricky, at one point you said your parents can tolerate you smoking. Then again later they interrogate you about cigarette smoke. So Idk man, if it were me I woulda told em straight up when they said they can tolerate it. I say you talk to them about it, don't admit to anything just get their view on the subject, then make your next move. Good luck man.
  4. OMG IM SO SCARED MY MOMMY THINKS I SMOKE WEED. wow dude you are 18 grow the fuck up, its a plant, if your parents dont like it tell them to suck a dick.

  5. Maybe he is still dependent on his parents, don't assume things. Also you're attitude is not welcomed here, he is just a fellow blade asking for help. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. what is there to help? his mom put his weed into a pile for him, i would thank her. dosnt need to wet his panties over it.

  7. he probably is not 18

  8. It's more to help ease his mind, if you were in a similar situation you would want the same thing. Not only that but you wouldn't want people coming in here trying to make you feel like an idiot.
  9. Your parents aren't dumb, they've seen,smelt, and smoked weed before. They know what it looks like.

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