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  1. Ok, here goes. The pictures are of my little grow box, it measres 4feet wide 18inches deep and 36 inches to the top lights.
    Its painted white inside and has a white polystyrene floor, the lights are one 36inch growlux 30 watt at the top, two 20watt compact flourescents at either end and one 4 foot 36 watt flourescent at the back. As you can see I have two Jack Herer ladies flowering in there. (Not bad for seeds that that came in 3 grammes of bud from the Dam.)
    I have learned a lot on here but I still have a few questions.
    I know I should have started flowering when they reached 12 to 18 inches tall so my questions are is it big enough for 5 plants to reach maturity? Do I need more light? flourescents are my only option.

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  2. Inside

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  3. Top view of one of the girls

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