Commando-Style Terror Plot Targeted Europe

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  1. Commando-Style Terror Plot Targeted Europe

    Selah Hennessy, London
    Voice Of America
    Sept. 29 2010

    Al-Qaida allegedly has been planning a major terror attack aimed at Germany, Britain and France. Reports say the attacks were planned in Pakistan and would have seen gun-marauding insurgents on the streets of some of Europe's largest cities.

    Sally Leivesley, a security advisor based in Britain, said, "The potential for three countries - France, Germany, and Britain - to be attacked simultaneously is actually a global shock attack and it comes out of the maturity in the style of attacks that Pakistan has very sadly been having for a long time, and also that the soldiers are seeing in Afghanistan."

    Officials in the United States and Europe have so far refused to confirm the report on record. U.S. Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. has said that the U.S. has shared intelligence with Europe in recent days and is working with its allies to combat international terrorism.

    Reports by the British media say well-armed jihadists planned to attack major European cities in a manner similar to the attack against Mumbai in 2008. In that attack, ten gunmen killed 166 people in a three-day assault on India's most populated city.

    Tobias Feakin is Director of National Security & Resilience at the Royal United Services Institute. He said the nature of terrorism is changing. In the past, terrorist organizations planned high impact explosive attacks on high-security targets, such as the airline industry. He said an attack like that against Mumbai is different.

    "There are varying ways in which it's more dangerous, this kind of attack, because you can have a huge impact with quite a low level of technology, but in the same token, actually the amount of attack planning and training that needs to take place gives you a number of points where you could perhaps interdict these individuals before the attack takes place."

    Britain's Home Office has refused to comment on the reports. Germany said Wednesday that at this point there are no "concrete pointers" to imminent attacks in Germany. Neither country has raised its terrorism threat level.

    In France, ministers warned earlier this month of a terror threat. A famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, was evacuated Tuesday due to a bomb scare for the second time this month.

    The terror plot has been linked to an increase in U.S. drone attacks against Pakistan this month. Security experts say there have been around 20 attacks in September - double the average number.

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  2. Blowback for all of NATO now?
  3. This sounds like the natural progression of terrorism. High profile attacks are too easy to intercept (unless of course you are on a vacation on your Texas ranch for a month straight), but a buncha guys with AKs running into a famous city and opening fire would be harder to predict and foil before it kills people.

    Any nutjobs who would attempt this would be fucking destroyed, without a doubt. The blowback that those nutjobs will bring to their home countries is going to make many suffer. Perhaps they will even be forced to abandon them as ideological heroes and start forming stable, moderate governments of their own, instead of the shitshow we have in Pakistan, Afghanistan (though in this case you can argue with a lot of merit that the USSR and the US caused the tilt to extremism in the first place), Iran, and the other countries that have fundamentalist governments - the places where this specific type of terror (Islamic fundamentalist kind) comes from. We are already seeing an internal need materialize in Iran for a less hysterically insane government - the green movement. We just need this everywhere else, and there will be no more terror.

    That, and, of course, not meddling in their countries anymore uninvited.
  4. If the world was to leave the Middle East and Afghanistan alone this wouldn't happen. Blowback indeed. But if you keep attacking them you're only breeding more extremism Dudedude. If the world worried about it's own affairs and not the affairs of others things like this wouldn't happen. I keep saying this over and over again...Non-interventionism is the way to go.
  5. We're one species living on one planet man. To say the struggle of another should not be felt by the rest of us is to be totally non-empathic towards human beings.

    Anyways, the problem with your train of thought is that it allows absolutely anyone to come to power. One person takes over a village, nobody does anything. He takes over several villages, nobody does anything. He takes over a country. Nobody does anything. He takes over several countries, and eventually enough of the world to take over the rest of it. Suddenly, only one country is left, and now that it's "their problem," who is going to help?

    All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to stand by and do nothing. Edmond Burke said that I think :bongin:
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    I always felt that we should not have bothered to help Afghanistan fight off the U.S.S.R. The country went Red and INVITED them in - the Rushkies just didn't invade, at least not in the way it's made out to be. The U.S., for better or worse (I'd say the latter) got involved with providing the insugents with arms and funds (although bin laden has denied that his units ever wanted or accepted any help from the U.S.). However, Afghanistan was totally uncooperative with handing Bin Laden over to the U.S. after 9/11, and something had to be done. Whether we did the right thing is hard to say.

  7. I don't think an all out war was necessary, a couple of commando units in the cover of night could have done the trick. All Amerika is doing now is nation building, which in turn will lead to more conflict in the future when the nations people get sick of their Amerikan puppets and kick them out...again.

  8. So you agree with policing the world? What happens when these good men go bankrupt from trying to police the world and can't even defend themselves? Then evil can spread...
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    We must have some super amazing intelligence that spans with globe or terrorists must be really shitty at the job because it seems like they cant make a move for anything. Or possibly we're being lied to so they can keep people worried
  10. Who cares, you can absorb an attack. Everyone except the people actually killed in the attack that is, but who cares about them?

  11. Change :confused:
  12. I don't think the best way to promote peace is through the threat of discipline. That, however, is grounds for a philosophical discussion which would throw this conversation off-topic ;)

    For the sake of making a relevant claim, I would say that I do not agree with policing the world. I think people should be able to govern themselves before they try to govern others.

    I'm not sure if I understand what you're getting at, could you elaborate please?

    I don't think it's an issue that revolves around the availability of money; I think the way we play with money is what drives people to desperation to begin with. If social inequality and inequity was eliminated, then I think it's reasonable to assume that crime rates would follow soon thereafter. And, if we had no laws by which to prosecute adults for growing a plant for personal use of its flowers, would we see less people in jail?

    The problem is that corporations ensure profit by establishing laws that criminalize or penalize trivial things, which makes people scared to stand up for them. They think it's not worth it because it's not important to them anyways, and that rings true whether we're talking about cannabis legalization, or the use of cell phones while driving.
  13. Evil is spreading here at home. fuck the middle east, we have real shit to deal with here at home.
  14. Well, unfortunatly, islamic terror is a feature of todays world. It's not just hitting us here in the west, it is just as prevalent in India and all along the asian pacific rim. Only difference beeing, at least western intelligence agencies are somewhat efficient at thwarting terrorist ploys.

    The big irony is that these islamics that hate the west so much, are entirely dependent on western technology to organize and plot their dastardly deeds. Technology that is very much under surveillance. Combine that with informers and just plain good old police work, and the result is predictable, many terror-cells get busted whilst still just in the planning phase.

    But it is not fail-safe. Ofcourse, the terrorists themselves are for the most part rank amatours, ideologues not trained soldiers. Which goes a bit to explain why they get caught to begin with, and if they do manage to carry through their plans, why it so often fails at the execution stage. Like the underwear-bomber, the shoe-bomber, the recent attempted car bombing in NY and so on.

    The west have become pretty good at counter-terrorism by now. Those that have slipped through the cracks so to speak, are for the most part homegrown islamics. 1st and 2nd generation muslim immigrants with a rather dim view of their host society.
  15. Yes, I completely agree with you. The quote from Edmond Burke was made specifically for the argument he put forth.

    We shouldn't be preaching the foundations of our nation while things at home are crumbling. The foundations are really being tested I think, but who will win? Will the entire corrupt hierarchy fall because the people simply aren't putting up with that bullshit anymore? Or are we going to be scared and timid, knowing what's going on but not really trying to do anything about it because we can justify it this way or that way, legally or morally; so on and so forth? I think that people don't realize the justification is completely irrelevant because the reality of the situation is that things are not okay... it's hard not ignore reality, but it's easy to make excuses for why we don't do things that could benefit our situation.

    Things need to change at home first. If the people take back their country, what the fuck is the debt going to mean? The federal reserve is kicked out of the equation, there is no such thing as debt anymore. Nobody is going to collect :p

    Anyways, I just took a fat hit and am ranting :bongin:
  16. Fear mongering...When will it stop?

  17. Can you imagine being in a train station in Madrid or Berlin now ?

    Pointless fear mongering indeed..:(

    They are in fact baiting for an attack...
    Its like all the NeoCons have formed a supergroup of sorts...

    Oh careful now those bad ass Arab extremists (same gang who carried out the 9/11attacks:eek:) are liable to attack !!!!

    Imagine if you were the AQ boss of Europe ?
    I hope that dude speaks good english or you are mega fucked...:eek:

    The whole thing sounds like a "Calling Out" to me..
  18. If there was no basis for this, then the airlines, hotels and other tourist-based companies would not be willing to lose business - and I do not hear them refuting these reports in the news. It may be a bit overblown, I wouldn't go up in the Eiffel Tower, or visit other potential targets, while these kinds of warnings are in effect.
  19. Where are the good men in the middle east? Why don't they stand up?

    I'll tell you why and you won't like it: Islam. It has enslaved their minds just like the Catholic church had most of Europe enslaved for all those years.
  20. Yeah because if it was all fake im sure the government let all these businesses know.

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