Coming to a hard realization.

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  1. World population goes up about 140/minute... can you say fucked?
  2. hmm does this mean people aren't dying fast enough?
  3. I don't know, which one is better. People starving to death because there simply isn't enough food, or people dying to disease, old age, and other issues? We're able to keep people alive that frankly... shouldn't be alive. We spend billions every year on elderly people who can't do anything with their lives anymore, yet some people who have the potential to have lives still don't get a chance because the resources are being spent elsewhere. Problem with that logic is that that money being spent on elderly people wouldn't be going to the starving people if the elderly didn't exist.

    I don't know, where do you draw the line?
  4. I'm not sure.
  5. wow man.....thats just too much for me man. fucking insane.
  6. and what statistics is this based on? i hardly think the website is alerted of every birth and death worldwide fast enough for me to see it happening live...

  7. I agree, and this is one of the fundamental problems with our health care system. Keeping people alive WAAAAY beyond their natural lifespan is expensive and a huge use of resources.

    But what do you do? Kill old people off? It's a very tough situation.

    I think it's really hard for us in the United States to see the effects of overpopulation, but if you go to a country like India or China, the amount of people is just mind blowing, and they are only just starting to use the resources we've hogged for decades.
  8. I dont like to think about it.
  9. yes, lets just ignore the reality of our grossly over populated planet which we are failing to sustain.
  10. It wouldn't have been so disturbing if they didn't have that creepy music going. It gave me the impression that what I was seeing was bad news from the get-go.
  11. wow i don't think i should have clicked on teh linky till i was a little less high :smoking:

    that shit freaked me out :laughing:

  12. Well of course ill do my part, recycling/energy conservation and that.

    I mean im an Electrician, so im pretty aware of energy saving and such; but what can i do in the long run? Im not in the government or CEO of an oil company.

    So yeah, i prefer not to think about the selfish higher ups who're killing this world; because i cant do anything about them.
  13. This is quite interesting
  14. i think alot of us will have alot more to say abou this subject when we have a few more bongs :p

  15. ya dude. i call bs
  16. Uh..

    What they do is, calculate the current death/birth ratio, calculate the amount it has increased every year so far, then estimate how its going to continue.

    Basically, for every 3 people born 1 dies.
  17. it was obviously an approximation, although i bet it is based on a lot of statistical evidence
  18. This is a very wide generalization of a few statistics, I won't lose 1 second of sleep over this.

    Intellectuals have been talking about over-population since the 18th century - Don't alarm yourself.

    The alarming thought is when I see people talking about how "we live too long" and what to do with "that problem". I think these people need to consider the sheer improvements that came with people being able to live further then 35 or 50.

    On a capitalist point of view, these people are the #1 consumers although they don't produce out anything. On another side, people are able to enlarge the part in their life when they're active, meaning higher productivity in anything ranging from plumbing to astro-physics.

    So, once again, don't take the board as hard cash.


  19. This is my first thought, too. I mean I don't doubt that people are dying and being born this quickly, but I highly doubt that it's where the little map shows. It's not like every time someone dies/is born they run to the phone to call this website lol.

    btw I love stumbling, I usually look at the architecture pages.

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