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  1. So I'm from Canada, and the 2011 election is taking place right now and coming to a close within an hour. Unlike the states where the votes take forever to count, ours are counted as the election is taking place and results are shared immediately.

    Anyways, the NDP are in opposition right now setting at 2nd place and I believe the only way they have to move is up. Either way, they are going to have way more seats in the House of Commons than they used to and are going to have a bigger impact on our government. They are in favour for the legalization of marijuana. And anyone who pays attention to marijuana news from around the world may recently have read about on Ontario case where the judge ruled pot laws unconstitutional and gave the government 90 days to appeal.

    The conservative government is currently filing appeal, but after the election the NDP can make a big turnaround on that. If the NDP comes out on top, they will withdraw the appeal and by doing so make marijuana legal to possess across Canada. And like I mentioned, even if they only come in 2nd they will still have some power to turn it around I just hope its enough.

    That I would share that with y'all.:D
  2. This is why I'm glad my parents are looking at real estate there

    sorry... caps lock abuse :p
  4. How many seats are they in the majority and how long before the next election?
  5. Conservatives, ruining countries since ????

  6. forever.

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