Coming out to your parents

Discussion in 'General' started by Jupes, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. ...about smoking weed.

    For anyone that isn't already open to theirs... ever thought of it?

    I've been considering it for a while but this most recent visit I'm actually considering sitting my mom down and having a heart to heart with her on the subject.

    I'm well versed on the topic I feel, weed really isn't what it used to be in her day and I think if I break down why I feel she would benifit from it... she might accept. I mean she already caught me once back in the day.

    I'm Latino and came here when I was 5, the standards for weed were very different back home than they were here during the 70's so it's not like she went through the open minded hyppie generation thing but iono... I honestly think she and my father would greatly benifit from smoking some herb.

    What cha'll think?
  2. Good luck.

    I explained all the good things about weed and i just brang up the fact that my parents drink a lot and how much worse alcohol is for them then weed would be.

    That shut them up. :smoke:
  3. Do it bro.. The Truth shall set you free!!

    I told my parents and well I've come to the realization that my dad is very closed minded and I'm always in the wrong with him on every decision I make

    My mom on the other hand... She's damn cool :) :smoke:
  4. Did they accept it in any way? As far as to try it with you?

    Besides for my parents mental and physical well being I would love to be able to share smoking with them. I think it would solidify our relationship on a more mature level because they would need to trust me way outside their comfort zone. Something they were never good at.
  5. i'd just let that alone if i where you. it's just way too aquward
  6. My parents smoke too, so it wasn't that bad getting caught in the past or anything. When they found pipes in the past all they said was "get rid of that pipe!" or "I don't want that pipe in the freezer!" But they are cool with it and even ordered me a piece to take back to school.

    I would never smoke with them though, too awkward for me.. "Hey, quit cheefin that joint mom!"

    But if you think that they won't kick you out or dis-own you, I would do it. But you know your parents best...
  7. i dont know man telling your parents your gay is pritty big i mean how would you react if your son told you he was gay
  8. Yeah first thing you wanna do is play the honesty card. Parents love honesty even if it means telling then you do drugs. But be ready to quote them some facts on how safe it is. But overall don't be arguementitive with them, if they get pissed off give them some room to think and maybe refer them to some informative sites, like NORML or erowid.
  9. My mom found my weed the first time I ever bought it, so it was kinda inevitable. She grew up with a stoner/hippie/junkie so she's fairly open minded about it.
  10. Talk about learning the hard way :(
  11. So..... you didn't read the post huh??? Not even the first line?

  12. Yeah except all she said was "did you see what I found?" Looked on my desk and of course there it was. I asked her if I could keep it and she didn't say anything, so my buddy and I went and smoked it. :)
  13. I leave this thread horribly disapointed.
  14. awkward^

    anyways... I had a long talk with my mom today about it.

    Went a lot better than I had hoped, all in all I'm glad I did it.

    She did tell me not to tell my father though, haha. That she would tell him at her own pace.
  15. Hahaha what the fuck.

    But good shit Jupes, Glad to hear it worked out main.

    I wouldnt try pushing them into smoking though.

    It was a lil odd as a youngin when my folks found out but it was aight.

    I was young main when they found out. I was lucky if i was 15, 14 or 15.

    But my folks beenin smokin for 20+ years. My ma's about 20 years but she quit when my bro was born 'suppisovley'. And quit again when i was born.

    But she still smokes and my pops been smokin 25+ years.

    But they busted my bro a few years before me and my pops and bro would party together (smoke/drink).

    Finally i one night im out way past curfew out in the hood, Ma's all worried and shit its like 1 in the monring main, So shes drivin round lookin for me round the block and sees me walkin home, I got in the car so fuckin blowed.

    I was at the dope spot so we literally smoked almost non-stop all day.

    She knew it i didnt even talk was too gone. Lost track fo time n shit.

    But ended up turning out good and years later we all started smokin together and brought us together and jus gave us 'family' time to really get to know each other and im so greatful for that.

    We dont really smoke together anymore, My bro quit for health reasons so itd seem odd to smoke wihtout him. And we jus aient around each other much these days...

    Well shit i jus told you my story cuz im blowed haha.

    Good shit tho homie.
  16. Word man, she told me smoking isn't really her thing so I didn't persue that further haha.

    I feel good about it though, makes me wanna make a few calls and celebrate with this new steam roller I just bought a few hours ago haha.

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