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  1. Hello everyone,
    I've been out of the growing game for about 10-11 years now and I feel like a newbie starting all over again. Space is limited in my new place and I live on the outskirts of the Bay Area in California, it gets pretty warm over here. I will be growing indoors using a 5'x5'x80" grow tent, 630w CMH light dual bulb setup, 750 cfm exhaust fan and filter with speed control, and a oscillating fan or 2. I plan on doing a SOG, but don't know if I should grow in soil, coco, drip system with 6" rockwool cubes, and or a flood and drain system. Since I plan on doing a SOG with 16 plants in a 5'x5'x80" tent, I want to make my garden as self-sufficient as possible. I have spinal cord issues, so I have to make everything as easy as possible. My 1st grow 15 years ago was a drip system with rockwool with great results, but I had a very knowledgeable buddy who I've since lost contact with. I forgot my watering schedule, how often to water, ect. Also my tent is 80" and I don't know if that will be enough room for the reservoir, 4x4 flood tray, height of the plants, air space, and then light. My filter and fan can be installed outside the tent I believe for more space. Also really considering flood and drain (might be easier than drip) but know nothing about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, DeltaOG
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    You ever look at container or bucket DWC? It will give you more headroom then flood and drain. I started my hydro journey with bucket DWC. It has disadvantages, mainly it's a little more work when each plant has it's own reservoir but it allows more control then any other system when growing multiple strains with different mature rates or if you like to stagger the harvest.

    You can feed each plant exactly what it wants. You can deal with problem plants alone and they don't effect the others. Long maturing strains can get the nutrition they need. You learn to dial in a feed rate on each plant based on how it likes to feed once you learn how to watch it's ppm consumption.
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  3. Single DWC bucket plant in a 4x4 with about 550 watts of led. 440cfm 6" exhaust fan. 20oz's not counting larf. Try doing that with soil.
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  4. Supercropping is my preferred and exclusive training method now after trying most of them. I've never been a scrog fan because it makes water changes difficult with hydro.
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  5. Killin it bro! Good job!

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