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  1. Damn.It's been a weird past few years. I've just turned 21 and I thought by this time I would have "figured" things out. I haven't figured shit out. In all honesty all I want from year-to-year is to become a better man. To live up to my own expectations, morals and values. To be an honest man who works hard in all of the tasks that he knows is good for him and to limit the vices and actions that can lead to destruction of oneself. But man is it fucking hard.

    Any old schoolers out there than can shed some wisdom or insight about these troubling times of transition? It can be a quote, link to something,your own wisdom or anything relating to becoming a better man.

    Sorry if this sounds whiny... shit, it probably does sound whiny. Whatever. Thanks in advance for taking time to read this. Cheers
  2. i dont think the old schoolers have any idea either
  3. neither do you, $100,000.
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    I would say that resolute acceptance of life & death well help you face anything in this world. Many of us younger ones live like we will live forever.

    You have heard it before, Meditation every morning is key ....
    EDIT: Yes... that means talking to yourself.
  5. just recently got into a little bit of meditation. kind if by accident actually. but wow it's really powerful when you're actually mediating. you can like fast forward your thoughts and still understand them like if you we're thinking about them for hours. well at least that's what happened to me when I began mediating.

    any authors or books specifically anyone would like to recommend?
  6. In my opinion there is no definite line you cross to become a man. Everyone is different. Life is a collection of experiences that help to constantly evolve your mind. There is no end to this evolution except death. So if your at least trying to do the right thing and be a good man then i think your on the right track but at the same time your also as close as youll ever get to being a man you just dont realize it yet.
  7. Bro just live life every day feeling good. I just turned 21 also and i feel the same way. You just gotta look at the bright side of things, try and do different things every once ina while and don't get caught in a rut.
  8. You'll never figure it all out. Your goal should be making it appear that you've figured it all out and have your actions and behavior based on that. That way when people look at you and when you considered yourself retrospectively youll say, "wow that guy had it figured out".

    No one ever figures it out...
  9. This is true. I'm 62 and life is still confusing. Maybe when we're on our deathbeds and we draw our last breath, everything will become crystal-clear. But I don't expect it to happen before that.

    One thing I've noticed is that life's experiences certainly change how you think. As Mohammed Ali said: "Any man who views life the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life."

    When I was young, most things were black and white. As I got into my 50s I started noticing more and more gray areas in life. And the older I get the more gray I see -- especially regarding humanity and our interactions with each other.

    Life -- and the opposite sex -- will continue to throw you curve balls until you draw that last breath.

  10. I brought a small little book called the Art of Peace... It's a pretty good book for when your toking by yourself.
  11. thanks for the responses everyone.

    sometimes randomly ill just stop thinking about all things and only think about the concept of living, life and the world and i'm just amazed by how interesting it all is. it resembles a game. like i just sat down turned on my 360 and put in "life". lol.

    that whole theory about life and reality actually being a simulation is craaazy to think about as the "answer". because i can defiantly see the logic in that.

    sorry about the tangent lol
  12. I posted somethin alot like this not to long ago so i think its normal for people our age to feel this way lol
  13. Hey, OP.

    You sound like you're figuring it out just fine. Keep asking questions. Keep striving to be a better person. Keep on being you.

  14. [quote name='"Fizzly"']
    When I was young, most things were black and white. As I got into my 50s I started noticing more and more gray areas in life. And the older I get the more gray I see --

    On your balls?

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