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Discussion in 'General' started by icarian, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know of a way to get down off the high faster?

    Like say, your parents are coming over to pick up your little brother that just found your bong and made it his best friend for the past 8 hours str8... how do I sober his ass up?
  2. Take a shower, that always kills my buzz.
  3. 8 hours straight? First off, smack him in the mouth. LOL jk... tell him to take a shower, get something to eat, drink some coffee... ect... or scare him really bad. Getting scared is always a buzzkill LOL
  4. Must jump in the shower. If it's his first time though, I can say you are fucked either way. Lol.
  5. take a hot bath, eat lots of food, and when he gets in the car he'll be so scared if its his first time, and he ripped a bong for 8hours, he'll be straight, if not say he ran off and smoked bud with a bum down the street
  6. Just blaze, please remove the UserBar Sigs. Not trying to sound dick, just helping the mods out.
  7. lol yeah i used to go outside when it was cold... i suppose a cold shower would work too, and some coffee to kill the burnout. Now it doesnt matter though cause i can handle myself when im stoned.
  8. make him drink coffee and lots of it. then make him eat chilli, lots of it.
  9. Imagine a first time stoner stuck on the shitter shitting himself while he speeds balls. Lol.
  10. i always hear orange slices or orange juice

    i was never in this situation so i never tried it

    also i dunno if orange slices is for weed or another drug or just coming down in general

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