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  1. I started smoking when I was 21 (now 25). I smoked up my entire final year of university. I take immense (and sadly, private) pride in the fact that I was a stoner who graduated magna cum laude. Since getting a vaporizer this past January the longest I've gone without herb was five days, and that was just as an experiment.

    Now economic circumstances have forced me away from open-minded business and into a world where the words DRUG FREE WORKPLACE continually dog my steps. I'm starting to get calls for interviews, so three days ago I packed up all my supplies.

    While my use fell outside the officially recognized definition of "medicinal" I found smoking to be a very effective way to calm down, focus, get creative, relax and just enjoy life. It helped me calm my overactive mind, low latent inhibition, hypersensitivity, whatever buzzword sounds good. Now, facing the idea of coming down for weeks or even longer... not gonna lie, I'm starting to panic.

    I fully believe psychological addiction is a component to this panic, but today also I felt the first twinge of my old depression. A friend who is unaware of my situation was talking about a similar state of mind and casually mentioned that she just started taking a prescription antidepressant. For a moment I considered following her down that road, but it also makes me recoil immediately.

    First, if it ain't broke I don't want to fix it. I don't want any of those medications. I don't know if they'll do what I want them to do. I don't want to spend weeks or months experimenting, even with professional assistance. Any new medication carries an unfamiliar set of side effects.

    The very notion that these medicines are good comes from an attitude in the western world that says swallowing a white pill is better than inhaling hot vapors from a leaf. I don't have enough fingers to count the fallacies in that way of thinking. One of my hippie friends suggested I try Sweet Chestnut tincture as an alternative, but I have found no verifiable research as to its effectiveness. Again, I don't want to start experimenting willy-nilly.

    Ultimately I don't expect an easy solution. I plan to just deal with it and get through until the time comes when I can again chill with my good friend MJ. I'm frustrated and scared by what the next few weeks will hold, but I'll try to take the lessons she's taught me and apply them on my own.

    In the meantime, I'll just be hanging around here trying to get as much of a contact high off you guys as I can. Thanks in advance. ;)
  2. Coming down from a binge sucks!!!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean 'come down' for weeks. If you've been a solid smoker (all day, every day) for a few years... you're going to notice a couple of differences, but only for a few days, a week at the very most. After that, it should be back to normal...
  4. that sucks man
    u should be fine tho
    i k its hard but ur gonna make it and it'll b fine
    ur not addicted so its all just psycological and shit
  5. yea i went from an everday morning toke day toke kickin it toke and night toke for years straight everyday to no smoking for 7 months all within 5min i had to drop it..and it was fine no worries at all. like yea the first few days its kinda weird..but its no "come down" or like withdrawls like you would have if you drank all the time and then stopped. or if u smoked cigarrettes and stopped.

    basically.. in my opinion..bud is only "addictive" in the mind. you THINK you NEED it.. where its really you KNOW you want it, and well plus side is that it medicates a it does for me :)

    so its a win win

  6. I could have better articulated that... I think the actual "come down" for THC is 72 hours, after which you're back to reality. More I'm using "come down" metaphorically for the fact that my reality will have to adjust to weedlessness. ;)
  7. Having to take unwanted t-breaks suck. I feel for you. Hopefully, you will find work where you'll be in a position to smoke once in a while, because the employer only randomly tests the "undesirables". I've worked in places like that too. By law, they had to do random tests, but it was funny how the only ones who ever got tested were A) hurt on the job, or B) on the verge of being fired anyway.
  8. yup sucks bro. but weed isn't physically addicting at all. its just mentally when i don't have weed i just want some weed.but i don't need some weed. but i do sometimes get a little irritable and have trouble sleeping when i run out of the green stuff:smoke:

  9. I get ya there, then. I'm almost in the same boat... In a few months I'm gonna be smoke free for at least a month, so I'll empathize better then.

    Take up a hobby that keeps your mind off of how bored you are, or tense, or whatever. Reading, I've found, is very distracting. Good luck!

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