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coming down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bpo, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. I like being high....but coming down sucks. What do you all do to keep u up, when i come down i always get tired and just feel like im a daze and feel like i cant do much but just sit there, its not being stoned either. is there anything to take that will get me out of this mood, or to shorten the time it last?

  2. smoke more
  3. has anyone tried an energy drink? i've been meaning oto try one when i start feeling the down comming?... anyone with any experiance on this plz post
  4. i've noticed that smoking up when your burnt out doesn't help that much... it just makes you even more tired and lazy in my opinion.
  5. ive heard the burnout is the result of an increased metabolism, same goes for the munchies.

    that being said, maybe eating a spoonful of sugar, haha or some candy etc. after smoking would help?
  6. coffee or expresso stops the burn out in it's tracs and lets you finish your day.
  7. i'll try that coffee and/or energy next time and let you all know how it goes, thanks

  8. yeah, last time i smoked i drank a rockstar energy drink and it helped alot with the come down.
  9. Doesn't smoking pot lower your blood sugar, which is partly the "high" part? Seems to me that staying away from sugar after smoking keeps me buzz longer. A cig also helps
  10. Well smoking when your already down will spark up your high for a while but not as long as your first session of the day. It just gets you high for about 10-20mins and your back to gettin sleepy but more then before... So I suggest you just keep on tokin!:)
  11. i either go to sleep for an hour or 2 or take a vitamin, it works for me
  12. Some herbal blends/buds can extend your high, so I smoke them if not more weed. :)
  13. herbal blends dont do shit considering there not weed and dont get you high, also it sounds like you all are talkin about coke. When you do harder drugs there acually is a comedown but after blazing a shitload and the high goes away i just feel a little tired and i dont consider that a come down
  14. smoke more pot and you wont get so tired...
  15. coffee works great

  16. just got a book today called Cannabible 2. (amazing, i suggest everyone buys it, has some supreme kind in it). it it, there's a section where he talks about how there was a study at i think stanford...well, somewhere in cali where they actually discovered that chocolate has some chemicals found in it that are also in pot (cannabanoids) and while it hasn't been tested, there is the possibility that eating chocolate during the high can increase it and possibly help you recover a bit from the "coming down" period. haven't tried to myself.

    also, the author suggested organic dark chocolate...dunno if that would really make a difference though...

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