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Discussion in 'General' started by Nova, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. anyone have a cure(other than smoking more weed) to coming down? or at least something that will make me less tired? i end up sleeping for a long ass time everytime i come off the high and it makes me want to quit altogether><
  2. Nowadays I only smoke dank nugs and I haven't gotten real tired coming down. It's usually the lower-end weed that makes me tired.

  3. I sometimes have that prob ill comedown and sleep for fucking ever. Although it seems to happen just as much with the low quality as it does with the good stuff. A good thing and is great when you got cottonmouth is those snapple drinks yoiu know the elements just find one of those with your fav flavors and enjoy those things will definately brighten up your day for sure I love "Rain" it is totally awsome also try drinking some good ole sweet tea. Try it next time your comin down also try a shower that will wake anyones ass up.

  4. yea for sure, have a real nice shower, and splash water all over your face, and when u get out brush ur teeth and (if ur a guy and shave) have a quick shave. i find this cleaning activity wakes me up as if i were starting a new day, it makes u feel really refreshed...
  5. try smokin a diff strain...maybe wut your havin is just a type that'll make u sleep like that....switch it up and see if u still have this prob
  6. I like the showering approach. Besides, its all warm in there and it feel sooo good. Once you're out you'll feel great. n e 1 from cali had the nasty mec out here. You get the worst freaking headaches when you come down. It really, really sux. But oh well.
  7. i live in socal...ill try showering next time cause i always conk after i bake seems like the type of weed doesnt matter
  8. real good weed really shouldn't make you tired.

    I'll take a caffeine pill or two if I'm real tired and wanna smoke up.

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