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Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. So after 3.5 days of straight toking im out of bud, slowly coming down.... started to drink vodka atm.... usually I dont drink.. just like 200ml left... and its raining... I have some chillout piano music playing... mom will be home in 3 hours... got some cleaning to do, but im sooo lazy atm lol... i just wanna chill and enjoy last vibes from the herb...
    I am kinda broke too.... so no bud for me in next days / weeks. any tips for getting over of weed, if its a must to be sober the next days ? I will be spending alot time in the gym from tomorrow probably. Lol coming dows are always so boring and little bit sad... especialy on a rainy sunday... lol.
  2. Sobriety FTW bro! I usually find that I enjoy the clarity I get throughout the workweek when I'm not high all day, like is the norm on Sat. and Sun.

    Look forward to it with a different mindset, and you'll get positive results.

  3. I think ur right. Its all in our minds....
  4. Yeah man. Try exercising as well. Gives you an accomplished feeling and takes away the haze.
  5. Find a hobby that will take your mind off the bud. If you're bored, all you'll do is wish you had some

  6. true that.
  7. Get a job if you dont have one and when you get paid buy a reasonable amount of weed(not too much) and split it into 7 days worths and try to smoke as little or none as possible and think about the leftovers as a end of the week epic Sunday toke session
  8. just get a hobbie or start to work out or get out doors.

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