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coming down from high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thestonedstoner, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. whenever my high starts to wear off and i begin to come down, i get really cranky and i'm very easily irritated.

    for example: my mom came into my room and told me something, and i got really pissed off and said something to her that i would never ever say sober.

    i dont get why this happens, i dont smoke schwag only good shit (mango kush, sour d, citrus kush) and the times that this has happened i've smoked very little like only one bowl or a joint.

    is it normal for this to happen?

    any help is appreciated, thank you

    p.s. i cant say for sure that this happens a lot because i mostly smoke at night or before bed, but most times that im awake when i start to come down this has happened. and the irritation and crankiness isnt constant, it only happens once during the come down.
  2. Of course it's normal, lol you're coming down from being relaxed. Just learn how to control it and brush things off, and you'll be good broski. :smoke:
  3. Thats why when your coming down you gotta smoke another bowl:smoke:.
  4. it's all in your personality, man. subconsciously troubled?
  5. Just let everything go lol don't let things piss you off.
  6. When i "come down" i just get mad tired, and really relaxed. maybe your just a dick lol

  7. well i started smoking again cause of my depression/bipolar disorder..

    and maybe some of you misunderstood me, it's not that im a dick when im coming down; i am drowsy/tired and enjoying the rest of my high but i guess i just take things wrong when people start to annoy me

  8. I fully understand man. I'm diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, alls I have to say(THIS WILL HELP) is, DO NOT smoke when you are mad/sad/any of those "down" feelings you get. Use weed to help make better times better. When you're sober and fight through a time that you're struggling in, it feels FANTASTIC to finally fight through and feel better then.

    Not to mention you have better high's when you're already having fun.
  9. It's like you read my mind. I was going to post a thread like this, too. I live with family and let's just say we do not get along. When I am high, things tend to bounce off but during the comedown/sober parts of my day, I can get a little snappy.

    My family is brutal. Everyone shouts across the house, we have no a/c, people talk behind everyone's back, etc. My grandmother likes to walk around the house calling me a loser and that I went to college for no reason.

    And I believe that's my 100th post!
  10. Get bud that doesnt crash super hard. I find green crack is a really bad crasher, but I had some fuckin awesome and it kept mellowing out for a good 3 or 4 hours, no crash at all. Its in your bud maaan.
  11. Its normal, happened to me too. Just apologize and say you were tired or something. Next time lock the door this way she has to knock and you don't have to worry about saying anything without thinking
  12. Thats one of the side effects dude......The brain works that way think about it like this. Your normal when your sober, you get high, when that high is finished you fall a bit below normal and there goes your low...... :)
  13. yeah thats normale, one of the few bad side effects :(

    i always take a nap when i begin to come down so when i wake up i wont be cranky, im usually a little out of it depending on how long i slept.

    be sure to drink alot of juice and eat fruit, this will help your coming down from not being as bad.

  14. i tried what you said; i was having a bad night and once i got through it and started to feel better i lit up a bowl and it was awesome because i was so proud of myself for overcoming the worst i've felt in months. because usually when i start to feel like shit i go to pack my bowl but i didnt this time :hello:

    @camram yeah my family also argues and fights a lot but i dont think we're as bad as yours lol

    @moarsmoke yeah i told her something like that, and i actually did have my door locked but i went outside for a second and when i came back in i forgot to lock it -_-

    @GillyTHEkid dude i almost always smoke before i go to sleep so thats why i usually dont experience the crankiness, but yeah the same thing happens to me. when i wake up and go to work im so out of it and im mad confused and always forget what i was about to do

    thank you to everyone who replied, i had no idea that crankiness was one of the side effects when youre coming down.
  15. @JaysForDays btw i love your picture thing :D
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