Coming down from adderall

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  1. Whats the best thing to come down off of adderall I'm still buzzing pretty hard and i need to sleep! I dont have any xanax and I'm allergic to benadryl Please help. I've also got some robaxin a muscle relaxer. Help appreciated
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    just take a shit load of muscle relaxers,they'll knock you right out.
  3. Lol how many constitutes a shitload:confused:
  4. Ehh maybe..

    Do you have any cough syrup?

  5. Don't take muscle relaxers coming down off amphetamines. :eek:
  6. 2 handfuls JK don't keep poppin 1-2 at a time until you start chillin
  7. I've got like half a bottle of nyquil. Not dxm only it has tylenol and other Shit in it
  8. why not?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  9. i guess nyquil will maybe work but nothing is as good as benzos...
  10. Have two adult servings of the nyquil. You aren't taking it because of the DXM, take it for the sleep aid. Also, if you have any Benadryl or Dramamine....
  11. first look up and see if robaxin or whatever it is you have interacts with amphetamines then look up the side effects of robaxin and if tiredness/drowsiness is on there you may try 1 or 2. personally when i did that garbage (speed) i just listened to music and tried to eat until i could sleep.
  12. dude take like 4 of them,that should defeintly help you get some sleep.

    also are you allergic to benadryl because of the DPH in it,cause NyQuil has diphenhydramine to.
  13. The bottle i have doesn't say anything about dph:confused:
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    o tru,i might be mistaken then,usually they put it in nite cough medicines to help you sleep.

    but if they don't have DPH in the NyQuil then they must have doxylamine succinate in it,if not you don't have NyQuil.

    are you sure your not looking at dayquil
  15. So its a pretty general consensus to use either robaxin or nyquil. Any other suggestions?
  16. drink some chamomile tea,it was once used as a sedative,definitely helps induce sleep
  17. what else do you have in your medicine cabinet?
  18. A nice herbal tea. alcohol. Weed. those muscle relaxants.
  19. Oh im not really sure just other basic other OTC medicines such as tylenol cough and cold
  20. i think those are the only that will help you then.... try doing something where you lose alot of energy[fapping, exercise, etc etc] so when you are coming down you won't be up as long

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