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  1. Getting there have 2 plants that are a little behind

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  2. They are hitting the point of being overfed....careful
  3. Soil needs to dry well between watering. Get used to picking up the pot with thumb and index finger to feel the different weight as it drys. When the pot is light, time to water.
  4. He hasn't fed them yet
  5. Look healthy as fuuuuck .
  6. I haven’t fed them yet just water my bites arrive on Wednesday
  7. Nutes
  8. Thank you it’s my first run with autos
  9. whats the soil mix? ocean forest?
  10. Fox farm and light Warrior
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  12. These 2 plant are 6 weeks and 7 weeks old the older plant is under the blurple light
  13. If you notice there is a yellow leaf towards the top of the plant I believe it is lack of nutrients luckily I will have my nectar of the gods on Wednesday
  14. no way...none of your plants are lacking nutrients...they have all the signs of being overfert, or in your case, too hot a starter soil! I promise you, it will be better if you don't feed them any liquid nutes for 2 weeks....

    If you don't think this is the case, why are your leaf serrations raised? Why are some of the blade ends curling down. google leaf color and nitrogen toxicity - your plants are dark green....another sign..

    /end vent. good luck either way :)
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  15. You very well could be rite I’m not sure this is my first time running autos so what do I know so what do you suggest?
  16. My thoughts on the raising of the leafs was reaching for the lights
  17. that's not a thing....

    but being too hot / getting burnt by the light, usually HPS, creates taco leaves ....
  18. I ran a couple auto's this summer in ocean forest - hot soil, didn't feed them once the whole grow- had to live with the same burnt initial stages that you have right now - The plant will adapt to the soil 'temp' as it gets bigger -
  19. Oh please
  20. I've been working with woody during this grow,I know everything that he is doing

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