Coming along.. first timer, very first plant.

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  1. Planted seed straight in ground in middle April

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  2. nice work


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  4. Great job. She looks healthy. You can start them inside even earlier than that and get some huge plants
  5. How would I go about doing that? Also. I'm a little worried, this morning I went put and wanted to aerate the soil so Softly munched it and has a root growing up to the soil bed instead of down. Which means not enough oxygen to roots or am I over exaggerating? And how wide and deep would I know to cut??
  6. you start them indoors with a solo cup and lights......and when its time to throw them outside they will have a boost because theyve been growing a little longer
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  7. I could literally run a lil plant for 2 weeks straight. Throw it outdoors and it'll start flowering right? If I were yo do this say in like fall-winter.. so I could produce however many plants at whatever rate right? But if probablywanna start now month for a decent size
  8. You could start a seedling right now and put it out next summer. Sure it will be a monster but wont have to buy weed for a while ;)
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  9. Lmao
  10. Is this from over watering? The humidity increased here but the temperature stayed the same so I've been watering every morning like usual, I come home and see this

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  11. What exactly is concerning you? How the leaves are drooping a little?

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  12. Used to start plants in fall for next spring, planted outside in may, true trees by oct. Too damn old to lug them around these days... your girls are looking good, I would give them some silica to beef up them stems.... keep up the good work
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  13. Yes because normally they are perked right up and kinda like waving at me in joy, and I get home and see this shit? The soil us still damp even after 110 degrees, it's been like this for a week, the humidity needs to go away because now clearly the usual watering cycle is changed and I can't water every day and I feel like it's gonna mess up my rythym with nutes, I do every 2 days nutes, I regular watered today and yesterday, so tomorrow would be nutes, but I'm gonna hold off watering tomorrow so should I just give nutes Saturday? And also I've been noticing that each time I water I see new nute burn on new growth.. Is from nutes sitting in soil and not properly watering them? So it's basically like they're just feeding off nutes repeatedly ?
  14. Thanks man... I have been giving 2ml of rhinoskin for like 2 months now
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    To be honest with ya I don't use bottled nutes so my input might not be the best. I know plants will droop from over or under watering. It's always best to underwater as plants recover faster than from overwatering. If I were you though I'd be very light on the nutes, let them do there thing for a little and watch for signs when they need more. IME it's always better to have a gentle hand than to overdo things. Your plants look very good though man. I personally wouldn't be too worried though. It looks like you know what your doing and dropping leaves is a very minor problem IMO as long as it's not prolonged for a long period of time.

    Edit: I think you have your nutrients figured out though. I would let them dry out a little and see if the drooping goes away. That's just my opinion though. ️ and like nobighurry said silica is always good for beefing up plant structure.

    Again another edit lol. I also believe silica helps with drought. Just figured I'd add that if ya didn't know already.

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  16. Have not ever used rhino skin but imo you are not receiving the typical silica benefits bro, rhino is very low in silica like 1% vs some others in the 8-12% range, the brand i use is Europeana (spelling) its immediately available to your girls unlike some brands... I get broom stick branches and learned to not add too much too early when doing a scrog because branches were a bugger to bend
  17. I appreciate all the info man.. they actually perked up like 2 hours after I told you.. it's back, I'm gonna skip watering today, as the soil is still damp.5 inch below top soil...

    How would silica help with drought? Like adding just that to water and it'll moisten it?

    And I just went out this morning and saw this on the bottom leaves and oldest fan leaf from beginning. Is this normal? Lack of light down there from top foliage? Or maybe from the over watering?

    And the new growth on this other plant keeps getting nute burn even tho I haven't added nutes in like 3 days, and just lightly watered yesterday, I feel like because I haven't let the soil dry enough it's just sitting there and I haven't been abelt o just water til it's runoff isn't after about 2L, I can pour like .5L and get runoff.. I know I know, I need to let dry

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  18. Are you in Europe ? Shit, this whole time I'm thinking I'm helping it, but I know it's worked because the stalk is pretty thick and healthy man.. Yea I won't start using silica until months 2
  19. I forget how the silica help exactly but it helps the plant be more resistant to drought. It's normal to have bottom older growth die off from time to time. As long as the new growth is well than I wouldn't worry much. One thing I'm noticing though are some white specs on your bottom leaf. Was that something you've done or did it just appear?

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  20. Na man it's from thrips or mites.. been dealing with an here and there minorly.. i typically take the affected leaves off.. I didn't notice how bad that one looked.. I should be plucked it.. I did spray this morning.. I need not be lazy and really get down and spray under the leaves.

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