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Comin' Back to The Green Side!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GreenSparkle, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hey Grasscity, its been a while..

    In fact 4 weeks exactly, since I last smoked.
    Now that may not seem like very long to some of you, but day by day.. it is, and actually the longest i've gone without smoking since I started nearly 4 years ago haha.

    There are many reasons why I took the break, mainly, the need to take some control back over my weed intake, cashflow issues, weight gain from the munchies, availibility of good weed, and just a general fuzzy feeling that I knew could be resolved by a bit of a break.

    But the good news is i'm back! and ready to pick up some nice crispy dank, sit back and smoke up once more :smoke:

    Just wondering what experiences people have to share about those 'special' glory smokes, when you've been without for a while, have low tolerance and then come back to the green side..
    And any ideas of what I could get up to, to make sure that my first smoke up after this break is even more amazing than I already know it's going to be :smoke:
    Thanks everyone and keep it green :D
  2. Welcome back dude :smoke:
  3. I remember when I was dry for the longest time and I picked up .6 and after my first bowl I literally said out loud (to myself), "It's good to be back..."

    That's my glory smoke story :smoke:
  4. Enjoy yourself I did that a few tims when I was 14-16 but not anymore lol maybe a few one weeks though I somehow manage to keep my tolerence low

    Welcome back :smoke:
  5. Come to the dark side. We have (medicated) cookies.

  6. yea bro, I know the feeling all too well.
  7. why was this moved to apprentice tokers? I just said i've been toking for 4 years haha, move it back please? :rolleyes:

    ha i made some strawberry space cakes a couple of months ago, they didnt taste too good but man were they strong!
    i had 2 the night i made them, and had total couchlock but it was good i felt i could handle more...
    so the next night i had 5! bad move haha i was a bit too stoned and sort of wanted it to end, gave the rest of them away for people to try, but im still glad i made them :)

    :) ah i can picture it haha, im really looking forward to my comeback smoke,
    i dont really crave it but im SO looking forward to that 'ahhhh yeah i'm back' moment:smoke:
  8. I think 4 weeks is a long enough break. for me, I usually smoke for a while and take week-long breaks and my tolerance stays real low.:)

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