Comfrey and Alfalfa Tea

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  1. I have a Tea out of comfrey (from Mountain Rose Herbs) and Alfalfa Meal - 2 tbsp of each. How would you guys suggest I apply this? I was thinking of deleting it about 4:1 with some good rain water. I want it for my new girls and some yard plants. Thanks

  2. How much water did you make the tea with?
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    To give you an idea of what I do when I make my (LD recommended) Alfalfa/Kelp Meal tea, I make the tea itself as follows:

    - 5 Gal. RO Water
    - 1 Cup Alfalfa Meal
    - 1/4 Cup Kelp Meal
    - Toss in the fully submersible aquarium heater @ 67-68F

    I let that bubble with some air stones, stirring it up (to move around anything that has settled at the bottom) a couple of times in a 24-36 hour brew period. It will really start to foam up when you've extracted all the goodness.

    Strain it through a 5 Gal. paint strainer bag strapped onto another 5 Gal. bucket.
    Feed the strained alfalfa/kelp to your worms.

    Then after I have made the tea brew, I can go one of two ways:

    #1 (If feeling not so ambitious):
    Spray & Drench:
    - Add BioAg Fulvic Acid (recommended amount on bottle)
    - Add Pro Tekt (1.75ml/Gal?)
    - Add 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Juice per gallon (if you have it)

    #2 (For those feeling ambitious/anal):

    For a Spray:
    - Add BioAg Fulvic acid (recommended amount on bottle)
    - Add Pro Tekt (1.75ml/Gal?)
    - Add 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Juice per gallon (if you have it)

    For a Drench:
    - Add BioAg HumiSolv or TM-7 (recommended amount on bag)
    - Add Pro Tekt (1.75ml/Gal?)
    - Add 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Juice per gallon (if you have it)

  4. I would use it at a rate of 1-2 cups of any combo of each per five gallon bucket. Stir it well or bubble it over a day or two then use as a drench. If your comfrey is powder lower the amounts by half. I would consider 2 cups per 5 gallons of water as pretty strong, and one per 5 more normal.

    For foliar I like a 1/4 cup of alfalfa meal in one gallon of water. I let it sit for one or two days then strain off the alfalfa (and top dress it) and spray. I get new growth in one or two days, helpful after a topping, scrogging, lsting, or any stress in veg or early flower. Works like a charm.....MIW
  5. CIR

    Instead of all that straining and extra buckets, I just get Queen size trouser socks at the $ store and make a tea bag to suspend in the bucket.

    Much easier on the back.


  6. it looks like an ACT without the vermicompost. Are you making a botanical tea or an ACT?
  7. The air stones are only for turbulence, not for their oxygenating value.
  8. I've been using non-bleached coffee filters to hold the ingredients in my tea. I only run 2gal or less at a time, so this seems to work good for me.

    Any reasons why I shouldn't use coffee filters?

    Also when making an AACT how hot is too hot for the water to be? I have a aquarium heater that you can't adjust, works great in my 2gal but heats the water up to around 85f or so in smaller brews.

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