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  1. Hey blades. Recently I've come to the realization that I need to make a life decision now. Should I go to school for a while, rack up the bills, and slowly work towards a career as a musician, which has a high rate of failure? Or should I take the safe route, and go to school and get a degree in some practical art? I know I can't ask you guys to make a decision for me, but I would just like some insight on my situation. Now, I understand there has been a stigma attached to those seeking a career as as musician. I by no means want to "strike it big". My musical interests are that of funk and jazz, and a meager, yet steady living is satisfactory to me. At the same time, I would like a stable life. I would like to be practical with my efforts and be the very best I can be. Any opinions, experiences would be very much welcomed.
  2. Thats up to you man but id just say you should do what you love doing the most. Money doesn't equal happiness
  3. Smoke some weed and get really high and think it through
  4. About how many hours a week do you spend practicing?
  5. Get a degree in some practical art
    Pursue your dreams afterwards
  6. Depends on how much you're planning on spending for school.

    but I would definitely recommend getting a degree to fall back on. If you don't do it while your young chances are you never will, I cant tell you how many people I know with regrets over education.

  7. thats what im doin

    yep. got a full ride to my in-state university. gettin my degree in poli sci and journalism, but plan on doing what i want after i graduate. If that fails, i got my degree

    also - i've been in school 2 full years, and i still have plenty of time to write and record music. So pursuing your dream while in school is an option too
  8. What does your heart say?
  9. My Advice: Follow the path that will leave you with the least amount of regret. So many people look back on their lives and wonder what they could have been if they had but strayed outside of the lines of the expectations of others. It's imminently practical to take the safe road and pursue an education, but if our inner being is tempered and nurtured by risk or adventure, the person that could be cultivated never will be if we stay in the shade. There will be repercussions no matter what you do because each decision leads to a different life but if music is your passion don't delay in pouring your heart into it, and instead of thinking about "striking it big," think about the freedom you will have as you pursue your dreams without fear. Imagine what a man could create if he released himself from everyone's expectations except his own?

    The world needs dreamers that have the courage to go forward even when everything seems impossible. It's your life brother and don't for one second give it to anyone to manage or nurture.

    I wish you well and stay forever green.
  10. Thank you everyone for your inspirational responses. I've have an overwhelming sense that I belong in music, as I have been playing all my life, starting at the piano and violin at age 7. I have never really considered getting a practical degree at first and working towards my musician career, because I am worried I will be too engrossed getting that first degree. Maybe, a double major might work out for me?
  11. You can be a brilliant musician without a degree, but that's about all you can be.

    Get the fall back degree, but don't lose your passion for music. My recommendation would be business and marketing.

    Being a successful artist these days is all about being able to market yourself. Sadly, talent is secondary. The most talented musician in the world isn't going to go anywhere if he can't get people to listen to his work.

  12. I agree with this 100%

    If I was you I wouldnt go to school for regular music, like playing an instrument kinda thing...theres really just no money there. Instead you could do something a little more in demand and high paying like being a sound engineer, these skills can also help you later down the road with your own music as you could do thing like be a producer at the same time.

    Also, having a school bill to pay for with no job from it really sucks (I would know, and I went into IT) so I would think about it carefully.
  13. Do both. Follow your heart but think with your mind. Get a carrer and then work on your passion, or the other way around however you feel you would want to do this. Just don't let your asparations dwindle with apathy.
  14. figure out that dream. and follow it. you'll thank yourself later. my 2 cents

    first year of university/college or whatever gives u options to explore. take advantage of that
  15. If you want to be a musician, I suggest you go to college and study music. It is very difficult to operate in the world without a college degree; some people do make it as musicians, but that is a very small minority, unfortunately. Also, with a music degree, you can get many other music-related careers, and it is also nice to have something to fall back on. What if something happens to you and you can't play music anymore? Your living goes away, as is the case for professional athletes (although they usually make enough to pay their way through life). You need to have a backup plan!
  16. I am planning on getting a degree in music, regardless of if I have a practical degree to supplement it. I am no quite sure yet what I want to settle on (live performance, studio musician, sound engineering, composition), but is establishing a career in one of those fields realistic?
  17. i had the same fear as you, but i found my majors (journalism and political science) have actually expanded my musical creativity in a massive, positive way. Its a decision you really have to think about. I'll give you the advice my friends dad (who is the president of a prestigious music school) gave his son and I when we asked him if going to his school was a good idea, "If you want to run the industry and be a businessman in music, come here. If you want to keep playing guitar and stay a musician, go elsewhere. you'll find more musicians at a state university."

    I can tell you i've met a lot of people who went to that very school, that i almost considered going to... i hate to insult people, but they were really awful at guitar/their instrument. It wasn't even that they had a weird, mechanistic style, but they weren't even good. They struggled to jam, and couldn't follow me when i even told them the chord progressions. I've found a lot of good (and awful) musicians at my state school though, and i've become 10x the musician/artist since i went to college
  18. To be true to yourself is what being an artist is all about... It isn't about selling yourself, it's about growing yourself...

    listening to your inner feelings and looking for the answers that tug at your very soul. Don't give up your passion so you can be average. Forget the fear.. you'll be 100% happier eating KD and being where you are passionate about life, than having security in your bank account, but no reason for living.

    For this very reason, I would recommend taking courses that would inspire you, and lead you to look for new answers. Going to school to be a musician will help you in that you'll be around other musicians, that may be able to help you expand your technical capabilities,

    but taking an art major, and looking at things such as history, philosophy, literature and so forth, sould do more than just help you learn how to do the technicalities of a song, they'll help you learn how to feel the song, so that you convey raw emotion and the human spirit.

    don't kid yourself into believing you can pay for your education, because you can't... Keep your eyes open, and your mind alert, and find those people who can teach you more than a class instructor ever can.
  19. ^^ exactly!!

    I didn't think of political science and journalism right off the top, but those are great options... look into the arts man, you'll be blown away.

  20. If you just want to be an artist as a hobby, then you are absolutely right.

    But I thought he wanted to make music a career. If that's the case then being able to market yourself is more important then talent. Art is a business, just like any other, and needs to be treated as such.

    Growing yourself as human is great, but it doesn't pay the bills.

    Selling yourself as an artist doesn't equal selling out and it's not a bad thing. Good marketing is just as much an art form as anything.

    A business and marketing degree is useful for almost every aspect of the art world. You'll learn how to create a "brand" and market it. That brand could be anything... You as a musician, you as a part of a band, a recording studio or a record label, a music store or record store, etc.

    And then if you decide that you don't like the business side of art (many people don't), and want to keep music as a hobby, you have a business degree which can carry over into almost any field.

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