comeing down....

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  1. this is me today :hello::):D:devious::mad::mad::(:confused::(:eek:
    omg i dont know what to fucking do i just wanna get a
    shotgun and blow my brains out fuck!
  2. Probably some MDMA since he loves it, smoke some weed or take some benzos and get to sleep!

    EDIT: to slow to post, how long since you used the meth? If its only been a while, you'll probably still be crashing and not sleeping for quite a bit :(
  3. erg all my fucking muscles hurt
    my brain is going 1000 miles per hour with a earthquake in there
    and then the e is making me sad ass fuck
    and i accidently started scratching myself when i was peaking
    cause it felt like a orgasm but now my arms r all scratched up
    i hate myself:mad:
  4. Really? I roll a lot and never have that bad of a come down. I mean I had at least 1g of molly last weekend and I worked all week, physical labor, and I am fine. Emotionally and Physically.

    I really think that you all that cry about the come down of MDMA are really just weak ass people who can't get a grip on life. Sure I'm craving it and it's always on my mind but a shotgun to the dome? Seriously? I'm sure you were exaggerating but come on now. You must of had some meth bombs, the only time I have a bad comedown is from that shit.
  5. a dumbass did u see what i put up there fucking retard
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    How about you chill the fuck out?

    All I said was my opinion, sorry you can't handle your shit.

    And no, what did you put up 'there'?

    EDIT: Don't do meth then.
  7. don't do drugs if you can't handle your shit. that's fucking elementary dear watson. -rep for doing more shit then you can handle, and then whining about it like a little bitch.
  8. Ex-fucking-actly
  9. ya dude i tried ice once the comedowns horrible get some opiates or ambien and just try to nod or sleep it off
  10. Dude, im so depressed today! Last night i plugged .35 molly and took some bumps later, i want to kill myself, so depressed T_T.
  11. Hey guys no need to be mean, this can happen to any of us, the least you could do is give him some advice to comedown smoothly.
  12. Weed is your best friend for recovery after a binge.
  13. qft lololol.

    but yeah dude... get some benzos in your system to knock you the fuck out
  14. Smoked a fat bowl :)
    i would +rep you but it wont let me :(

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