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Discussion in 'General' started by Dready_Nesta12, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I was just watching the roast of flavor flav on comedy central & wow, they rip on eachother hard... real hard.

    "Flavor Flav is responsible for more homeless black kids than hurricane katrina...
    Chris Benoit is a better father than Flavor Flav" -Jimmy Kimmell

    theyre ridiculously harsh on this show & I love it
  2. Hell they seemed to be rippin on each other more than they did flav. Jimmy did get him pretty good, as well as the whores.
  3. What I love about the comedy central roasts is that they throw in intelligent, subversive comedians like Patton Oswalt and Greg Giraldo with complete wastes of DNA like Courtney Love, Brigitte Nielsen, and Flav. It's just a torrent of ownage from which no light or stupid can escape.

    I'm hoping that Jim Norton gets invited to one, he would destroy worlds.
  4. ya that flava flav roast is fucking hilarious.. i think kimmel went a little overboard with the chris benoit remark.. but still was pretty dam funny
  5. watching the whores get flabbergasted at that comment totally made up for the fact that a small child was pummeled by a massive roidosaurus
  6. I love seeing the ones who actually get offended, those cranky bitches. During the Pam Anderson roast, you could tell she was getting really uncomfortable when they were making all the sex jokes. And you could totally see through her shirt.
  7. I haven't seen the Roast of Flav, but I have seen others in the past and I love them. Especially, how you could straight up see pam's tits. Kept me watching, anyway.
  8. haha yeah they call him a crackhead with a viking helmet haha that shit is so funny, i remember when they told pamela anderson that her pussy was wider than some bridge
  9. I love watching the roasts, especially the one with Flava Flav. "Hey Kat, when did they start sellin pimp clothes at baby gap? drinkin that hennessy outta sippy cup" haha that had me laughin my ass off.
  10. Yea the Flava Flav one is really good. I don't watch too many Roasts but I knew the one with Flav would be hilarious.
  11. hahah i was sitting around high off my ass watching that. Jimmy Kimmel sucked.

    It seems like flavor flav was way to easy of a target though. He looked so cracked out.

    I think they should have "extreme roasts" where they roast people that are hard to roast. Like mother theresa or something (if she wasn't dead).
  12. Flavor of love girls look like a 4am shift at the waffle house for suree :hello:

    The best was what Flav said about snoop dog's murder trial and how he got away with murder:rolleyes:
  13. "flav you look like a make a wish kid whos wish was to try on a wetsuit"
  14. that henny sippy cup line had me rolling

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