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comedown after smoking kush or any other indica...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigbadboi69, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. get high, stay high, fall asleep, feel groggy for hours... anyone else?
  2. Nope.
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  3. yep most definetely. Only because i stay high like all night with small amounts. If you just take it to the dome at once and come down it wont be so much like that
  4. i believe kush is a sativa if I'm not mistaken.
    Anyways, from an Indica, I fall asleep before I come down. But when I am awake and come down, I feel like shit. I feel like I slept for 24 hours in the dark and woke up and immediately went outside in the blazing sun. you know da feelin. like shit basically lol
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  5. Kush is an indica son nice fat leaves short aand fat short and fat daaaank tasty tastes that rip the very breathe from your lungs thats the kush
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  6. For me, the come down on a good Indica is great. When the cerebral effects start to wear off, I can feel the medicinal aspect of the body high more intensely. It's either bedtime, or I light up again, depending on the situation.
  7. Kush is top of the mountain highest to the sky sativa. However, with indoor grows you can stunt the growth of a regularly placed plant. Middle of the mountain is haze, bottom of the valley is on the ground OG. These are general guidelines not absolute truths.

    Lethargy is common for everyone who sits around and blazes.
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  8. With a sativa dominate strains your less likely to feel that way.
    I like to smoke in the am and late night.
    I tend to have a much better high when I don't smoke all day or face a blunt
  9. Sativas keep my mind busy
  10. Kushes are indica. Kush originates from hindu kush in the hindu kush mountains which are landrace indica strains. Anyway as far as a comedown type feeling, after smoking indicas there does tend to be some lingering sedative effects and body high for a while but nothing a little caffeine can't counteract or you can't just put up with.
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  11. Kushes are sativa. Read the bible

    not like it actually matters because this is why wars keep raging
  12. Ok troll harder
  13. Smoke sativa dominant 3/4 way through the indica high.

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  14. Exactly the same feelings. That's why I prefer sativas, even though my dealer usually gets me indica

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