come sail away

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. come sail away

    come sail away with me,

    you guys,

    come sail away

    come sail away

    come sail away


    come sail awaywith me
  2. The first thing I thought of when I looked at this thread was that old commercial that was always on for the Pure Moods CD, not available in stores. Always had that annoying song with the girl going "sail away sail away sail awayy." anyone think the same??

  3. Sum bitch.... I just shot a hole in the boat.. Now we have to swimm away!
  4. come swim away with me?

  5. Swim fast... I know these are shark infested waters.. LOL
  6. Sure thing! Sounds fun. Where are we going? Will there be pirates?

  7. we ARE the pirates
  8. come fly awaaaaaaay, lets fly lets fly de de de de i forgot the lyrics to this song.....come fly come fly away....
  9. Lol, all I can think of is Cartman from SouthPark singing this. :D

  10. LMMFAO! As soon as I saw the title, I hunted the track down and started playing it and then I read your post!!!! Apparently, that's all I thought about too!!!!! :D

    But...yeah, I'll sail or swim or fly away with you guys! Let's go!!!!

  11. That's Enya.
    Enya > * :)

  12. HAHA! Bang on target! i was lisening to it,

    but if we're are going sumwhere guys, where are we going?
  13. you guys can swim to my fridge and then bring me down a nice big glass of juice and some cooler ranch chips :D
  14. Arrg! Set sail captain! To the netherlands!
  15. i say sumwhere warm with surf spots myself

  16. you might be ont to something, grasscity meeting in cuba lol

    we could swim away with me there
  17. yey cartman, ive got that song. can we sail to international waters? the land that law forgot, then WE can be pirates :D argh matey
  18. ok, now we are pirates, what sould we pirate?
  19. Going to Jamaca man.. Where the weed is great and the law is blind.. We shall pirate the chics of the sea.. LOL

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