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Come on, how addicted are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by GanjaBat, Dec 10, 2003.


come on, you know your addicted!

  1. tried, but never inhaled

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  2. Puff occasionally

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  3. Stay blazed on a regular basis

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  4. Can I get an IV drip?!

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  1. I would just like to say my name is GanjBat, and I'm addicted to the 'City....

    ....and I'm blazed....:D
  2. Lol, my name is IndianaToker......

    And I'm a Grasscityaholic. :D
    (grass city annonomous)

    hello, my name is sam.. and i have an addiction..
  4. Hi grass roots, Hi IndianaToker, welcome to GCA.
  5. My name is KB, and I am addicted to G-City. and of coarse, sweet Mary Jane :D
    P.S. Don't drink the bong water!
  6. Maybe there IS something to that "gateway drug" theory afterall! :D
  7. I only smoke when it gets dark...and only if I dont have to go to work. I have a job that if I dont get up and get busy, I wont make any money, so since Bud makes me lazy, no bud before work... and since I typically will go about a week to two weeks before buying more after I run out, I can say I'm not addicted.

  8. Its cool that your not addicted to pot, I don't consider myself addicted either. But thats not what this threads about :D
  9. hi im dr_krapp

    and im the citys village idiot, need i say more? :p

    im an idiot blazed, and funnily serios when im not
  10. Hi I'm Shogun from Ireland and can't stay out of the city.

    Oh well, at least it's not a bad thing :)
  11. Hi.

    i smoked last night and I'm in the middle of finals

    but it was totally worth it

    i think i can still rock my next 2 tests,

    but i still have to write 8 pages too. :(
  12. whoah,

    also since I am sure that in real life everyone actually looks like their avatar, WaterLillyFairy you look mystically trippy :eek:

    watch this one, again. :hippie:
  13. Hi my name is BH.. I am addicted to the city as well.. I have to have my fix or else!!
  14. I'm Inferior, and I'm a bonafide blade. Does anyone know of anything like methadone for cityaholics?
  15. If you have one or more of the following symptoms,

    -Red eyes, from staring at your monitor too long

    -Malfunctioning left mouse button due to relentless involuntary clicking of refresh

    -Being late for work/school because your morning "fix" took too long

    -Missing important family and social events

    -Having an overwhelming urge to dance when ever your post count reaches a multiple of 100. (I understand this symptom can be worse at multiples of 1000)

    -Severe increase in your level of procrastination, ex. "I still have.....***looks at watch***...2 minutes and 37 seconds I can stay at the city before I HAVE to start this report..."

    -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


    GCA can help.
  16. -my eyes arnt red anymore there black

    -always involuntary that mouse is

    -dam nearly got fiered cuz i missed me train

    -cant miss any family or social events cuz its all right here on gc

    -Ill be doing a little dance tonight

    -I still have a few more minutes before I have to go to sleep

    -what was that last one?

    My name is :::===={XX} aka crazymcdazy aka camo
    and im a gcaholic.
  17. and yeah ill have the iv drip tanx

  18. Carpal Tunnel, a condition where the tendons in your wrists become inflamed or otherwise screwed up. Commonly caused by excessive typing on regular keyboards. :D

    Its common with people whos job requires them to be typing 8 hours a day like secretarys.
  19. Hi.... ummm this is my first time here sooo umm im kinda new at this..... :rolleyes:

    but... my name's Gravy and Im a Grass City junkie.....
  20. Hello. My name is Jesse a.k.a. Negligent, and besides being addicted to the GC i'm also an actual addict.

    haha suprisingly i never had to say that in actual rehab class's

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