Come on Government

Discussion in 'General' started by nyc-smoker, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. well if im right the government is in need of money. I think i could of just been blazed. But if they legalize weed and make it illegal to sell but they sell it and tax it i think they would make like 999 billion dollars a year so that might be smart. Cause so many people smoke and alot more would if it was legal.
  2. plus it would help the economy by creating jobs and it would help the food industry alot plus all the headshops that would open up it would be a whole new industry that the government could tax heavily at first and noone would complain
  3. yea, but the best part is the damn pigs now have to pay for there own weed. They can take mine no more. You know what if and when it is legalized the first thing ima do is go smoke in front of a cop. The funny part is when im done ima be so blazed im not gunna remember it is legal and start running.
  4. youre forgetting that weed isnt really illegal and its all cuz of pigman and the cheerios corporation

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