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  1. So I was trying to convince my gf that weed makes sex a thousand time better and you guys screwed me over. I told her to google it if she did believe me and the first link she clicked was on a grasscity post of I was think fuck yea. But you guys let me down when pretty.much all but the op of the thread were like na its not much better it just makes it harder to.get off :( I thought I lucked out but you guys screwed me and not in the good way :((((((
  2. fuck whoever said that. Shit feels amazing to me
  3. I dunno what thread you were reading, but sex is freakin AMAZING when I'm blazed. Everything feels so much more intense. I can even stand foreplay for like 10x as long lol. And orgasms OMG I feel like I'm going to pass out.
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    this girl knows whats up :D

  5. <----Girl
  6. It all feels good.

    When I'm high it's still just sex.
  7. Show her this thread instead.

    I approve of it .
  8. Maybe she shouldn't take the first thing she hears as truth. Not a very good life outlook.
  9. Thatll learn you not to spam every thread that could possibly benifit you in the slightest way.
  10. sometimes just smoking weed gets me hard. its the only way to fuck
  11. Reminds me of that commercial where the dumb blonde believes the quasi modo looking nerd tells her online that he's a French model and she buys it because "if it's on the internet, it's correct.

    Don't show her anything above this line...

    If a girl gives a blowjob once a day and swallows, the protein from the semen improves hair and skin health, essentially adding 10 years of youthful appearance to a woman's life.
  12. Dude having sex high is amazing

    Its hard to cum for the dude not the chick

    Most chicks tell me it feels way way amazing
  13. Sex high feels the same for me. With marijuana.
  14. [quote name='"The Incredible"']fuck whoever said that. Shit feels amazing to me[/quote]

    Fuck yea ..... Getting high then fucking

    Or getting high while fucking oh my ......

    Weed connects you

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