Come in and you will see.

Discussion in 'General' started by deadhead, Mar 14, 2002.


Are you bored too?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. Only when I'm dry

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  4. How can I be when I'm here?

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  1. I feel for ya man.....really I do,,,,no really,,,ok fine,,,I'll burn a bluberry in your

  2. My job allows me alot of free time on the 'puter,and to Blaze!! So I guess If I couldn't come here and bore the shit out of all ya'll, Iwould be bored!![​IMG]
  3. See, I'm so computer illiterate that I find your animation interesting. I would just love to learn all that stuff, but...alas, I am so bad at it. I still don't have the smiley thing down. I mean I can do a little, but compared to a lot of you, I'm just down right ignorant!

    But no...I find life exhillerating! Live it to the fullest, that is my motto.

    Now I'm learning to 'do it aftaid'! My newest motto, because if you don't you might never experience all life has to offer:D

  4. If i was bored right now then the majority of my life would thus be deeemed boring. Do i want to live a "Boring life". No, thus i am not bored now, i am content what i will be doing 15minutes from now is a mystery. Isnt life grand. =)

  5. huny if you're so bored, go toke it!!! Its a surefire way to take your boredness away!!!!!! Cheer up. Hey, at least you'll be doing something
  6. lol jada thats funny :)
    im with grace. and im all impressed n-stuff..just imagine alll the things deadhead could do *wink,wink

  7. lol that's a pretty simple animation...takes 5 mins to learn and 2 mins to make...

    if the above link doesnt work its cause i guessed....

    one of these days i should post the game i made to cure those afflicted by boredom
  8. Simpler than that. I downloaded from kazza, Microsoft gif animator. and made the frames in paint.

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