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Come down's from the green getting worse and worse

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Err0RNotFound, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    So I thought I'd ask a question for everybody here who is more experienced than me in smoking.

    I have been smoking for about a year now, every day, beginning sometimes in the morning. I'd say anywhere from a tensack to a gram a day.

    I've only had two 1-week tolerance breaks in this period.

    Anyway, my big question to everyone is what can I do about my terrible come-down from weed? Every time I smoke, I feel like complete crap afterward, generally about 30min after a session. It makes me feel even worse if I start smoking early in the day. My mind will become unclear and cloudy, I feel heavy, have a massive headache, and don't feel like doing anything.

    I have tried smoking different types of weed and regs and dro and kush (95% is kush) and I experience all a similar comedown effect, I feel horrible.

    What is some advice people can give me about how the come down affects me and what I can do to actually feel happy like I did, rather than like shit and unmotivated soon after each session?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. wow weed just must not agree with you, the most that happens to me is if I smoke late the next day I still feel dreamy and stoned but this is ok its usually a happy feeling nothing like you describe.

    Try smoking less or sativas.

    I will add some strains are just fucked up through far to much crossing breeds and rush grown adding lost of shit to them to speed up growth and some strains are just plain bad maybe you've been smoking these types.
  3. Your getting burned out. It happens to me when I smoke early in the day, the burnout just gets worse and worse with each session. I don't get a headache but I feel tired and lazy. You can either smoke less or just wait until night time to smoke.
  4. You can either:
    - Not smoke until night
    - Keep smoking throughout the day
    - Have a nap/eat/exercise/shower when you are feeling burnt out

    Also if you can get a sativa and/or vape instead of smoke, this will hardly give you a come down. Really though, I recommend just waiting until night time.

  5. I get these effects from the comedown from smoking as well, not as severe as this but mostly if I eat within an hour of smoking it will make me "crash", which is why I prefer to use a vapoorizer. The come down from a vape is a lot more "gentle" and doesn't knock you out for the rest of the day. I know this isn't the easiest option but it sounds like the carcinogens from smoking are causing you to get this lazy cloudy feeling. Just my two cents :smoke:
  6. just wait till 4:20 till you smoke.....its all psychological anyway....go swimming/surfing either when you're stoned or not that always makes me feel energised
  7. fuck you mean COME DOWN? you popin mollys pussy? Man up and drink some OJ baby boy
  8. Try like a 5 hour energy/coffees/energy drink. These usually work for me. I get that lazy feeling too but if you get up and do something active you feel so much better.
  9. [quote name='"Jed Sanders 420"']fuck you mean COME DOWN? you popin mollys pussy? Man up and drink some OJ baby boy[/quote]

    Haha this made me lol
  10. For those of you saying that it's the type of weed, I do try and get my hands on the most high-quality stuff around here. I typically pick up from the city, getting some medicinal grade Mary-J. I try and make all of my strains dominant sativa from when I first started smoking because I've always like head more than body.

    Anyway, I do own a vaporizer, bowl, chillum, roll Joints. All of these give me these horrible come-downs. I do drink around eight cups of coffee a day spread throughout.

    Also, for the person who said to become more active, if I try and get active on a come-down, I usually start to get dizzy and feel like fainting, my body really does not feel like doing anything. It's worse with the more I smoke earlier in the day.

    Also, "carcinogens in the air from smoking", are you saying I could also be having such a bad come-down because I smoke cigarettes? Although the comedown is still there even if I don't have one.
  11. I would stop smoking if it made me feel that way. You said it's med grade but does it come from a dispensary, and a good one? Could there be anything unhealthy there? Does scoring from a different source make a difference (probably a silly question otherwise you'd have figured that out, but just a thought....)? Hope there's a way to figure this out for ya cause that sucks. Weed isn't supposed to give you a hangover. Good luck.
  12. I get kush which is suppose to be medical grade. And I always try to pick up from a new guy in rotation every time I get some green just to try out all the different strains out there. It's been like this with any green. Are cigarettes even remotely associated to how I feel after I hit some green?
  13. My brother always gets headaches when he smokes cigarettes and blazes. If I were you, I would quit the cigarettes and see if that helps at all.
  14. I used to have problems with burning out, i find that exercise and a healthy diet go a long long way in preventing these side effects
  15. Easier said than done lol. It's easier for me to quit the green than the cigarettes, but I'm in it to win it. I'm gonna stop buying packs after this last American Spirits one and take a break from the green for a few days as well and see how I feel after 3(?) days when I try and smoke again.

    What do y'all think, three days enough for a test?
  16. come down? lol what come down

    i just become sober after a while, feels sober man.
  17. I used to always get that way. Been on a month t break. Hopefully it's gonna help me not get so burned out because it fucking sucks.
  18. Make sure your eating and drinking enough, and you are getting all your vitamins... think about it. Weed speeds up your metabolism, which in turn burns more protein and other vitamins/minerals that your body NEEDS to have... when you are low on them or not getting enough you WILL feel like shit.
  19. Thats a burnout man. Id recommend waiting until later in the day to smoke. If youd rather not wait, when you start feeling tired or burnt out again, try taking a 30 minute nap or doing some exercise to replenish some energy. The only time ive ever gotten a headache was from mids, so definitely steer clear of those.

  20. lolwut?

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