Come clean girls

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  1. bathe once more ladies
  2. .....

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  3. Never. No matter how hammered or fucked up I get, it looks like I can control my shitty bladder.
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    not really never
    but one time I ate this great pizza with mushrooms and I sat on the lid of the toilet for like 30 minutes trying to remember what I was supposed to do, then I realized oh I need to piss so I pissed and it went all over the floor, oops
  5. I have never, ever pissed myself when drunk or baked. I can always make it to the bathroom. However if I'm fucked up the toilet will become the most comfortable place ever and I may fall asleep.
  6. this one time i went to use the restroom, and i started cleaning the bathroom , moved to the kitchen , subsequently the couch.

    then i remembered
  7. Uhhh. No. I get up and use the bathroom when I need to relieve myself, regardless of intoxication level.
    If I fall over on my way there
    I get back up. :cool:

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