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  1. camping one time, there was four of us all fucked up and sharing a tent. sometime during the night we all get woken up because one of the girls was rummaging about all noisy like. anyway we watched her struggle her arse out of the sleeping bag, crawl over to the corner of the tent, drop her pants and take a big old shit right there in the tent. then she sort of leant slowly forward like she had been sleeping while she was shitting, collapsed, then went back to sleep.
  2. No more stories?
  3. Never ever done this.

  4. I remember my first wine cooler..
  5. In soviet Russia pee pees on you...
  6. Hahahaa that shit's hilarious
  7. I no their is more stories out their don't be ashamed
  8. I can honestly say I have never gotten this fucked up. Never.
    I have seen other people wet themselves... I have also thrown up on myself before, which is just god awful... but this was years ago, and I never plan on going there again.

  9. please tell your stories of what you have seen:smoke:
  10. I think that for some reason, I constantly am aware of doing these sorts of embarrassing things. So I keep myself in check at all times. I could see however, someone who gets shit-faced drunk might end up doing some crazy shit. Especially if they've passed out.

    My father opened a stand-up clothes bin and pissed right in there one night while wasted. Yes, all over his clothes.
  11. I saw a drunk girl walk over to a dining room chair, pull down her panties, sit down and pee like it was the toilet. All over the floor and everything

    Im proud to say that i hooked up with her that night too. SHe was hot as fuck. Before the incident though lol.
  12. My boyfriend and I went camping last sping break and I was completely trashed and trying to play basketball. (we were playing for every shot the other one makes, you take a shot of vodka)

    Well... having to piss just hit me, but we were camping and the bathrooms weren't that close. So I started walking to the bathroom and SOMETIMES when I have to piss that bad, I start counting in my head, and once I get down to 1, I'm going to piss. Well the lock on the bathroom stall was stuck and I pissed my pants while in the bathroom stall...yeah.

  13. This has happened to me a few times. I hate when that happens.
  14. Yet you have Taylor Gang in your sig. That's cool.
  15. One time i beat this biatch up and she pissed her self.:devious:
  16. never peed my pants while drunk or high but i have peed in the empty cup next to my bed during an altered state
  17. About 6 or 7 years ago, I was in the heart of my college days. I used to drink, and drink heavily... for some reason I could handle it a lot better when I was younger. One night I drank half a liter of rum... which may not be much for some of you, but that's a shitload for me. While straddling a piano bench, I attempted to convince people that I was a lesbian and fell face first into an entertainment stand, busting off one of the permanent retainers cemented behind my teeth from when I had braces... Well, it only busted on one side... I had to grab it with a toe nail clippers and rip it off. I split my lip. It was painful...

    Anyway, there was this guy who my group of friends had been hanging out with who would always pass out and piss his pants. I have seen many of men passed out with pissy pants.

    I was a chronic puker. I have thrown up in a lot of toilets and backyards, occasionally splattering some grotesque concoction on my blouse. Shit happens.

  18. yup, still funny :laughing:
  19. Lol I dont know if I pissed myself, or spilt beer all over myself, but I passed out on the couch at my friends party, woke up with the front of my shirt wet, but wetter then my jeans...

    no idea what happened but i was still pretty embarrassed and gtfo in the morning

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